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Have you ever passed a GTA mission with 1% of Health?

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Have you ever UNEXPECTEDLY gotten so lucky at passing a GTA mission that has a lot of enemies shooting at you with 1% at health? Maybe for the first time? Lol!

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El Penguin Bobo

Nope, but I remember beating a GTA 3 mission with FIVE health while getting to the finish marker.


Had 5 stars, FBI shooting at me from everywhere, I actually screamed out loud, lmao.

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I remember doing Three Leaf Clover with a tiny bit of health flashing red when I got to the tunnel and feeling massively relived when I got to the getaway car. Nothing is more intense than passing a mission literally escaping death.

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im sure i have. i have played thousands of gta missions and replayed them. so its very possible. but i cant recall any specific time. although its funny that is found this topic because i was just playing bully earlier and i beat a mission when i was very low on health. a combination of me being new to the game and the fact that the greasers ganged up on me. gave me trouble. but i did pass it.

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Posted (edited)

Lots of times I'm sure, so good when that happens! One time I can think of recently was playing the mission Undertaker in IV. Because I'd decided to mess around and only use grenades outside the church I had almost no health left and I knew a car of Albanian gang members was after me next. Had a really intense chase expecting to be killed at any moment (now also had the police on me which didn't help) and attempting to get to a food cart without scaring the vendor away. Failed to do that but managed to hide behind the cart and somehow finish the Albanians off when they got out of the car without getting shot, get back in the hearse and drive to the graveyard losing the cops on the way without the coffin falling out with just a sliver of health.


I remember it used to happen in Vice City and other 3D era games a lot. Because of how cars get wrecked so easily there was many a time that I had to get "back to base" to complete the mission running through the streets with almost no health. Or (because you couldn't be hurt inside a car), you'd be doing the same thing in a car praying it wouldn't set on fire before you got there.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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