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Grand theft auto: cuyahoga city


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                                                                                            Grand  theft auto



overview: the game is loosely based on the true story of irish american gangster danny greene. the story follows danny burke. he worked as a longshoreman in the cuyahoga docks, until being chosen to serve as interim president of the international longshoreman's association in 1962. in 1965, he was convicted of embezzling $11,600 of the union's funds. he was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. after his release in 1976, burke rose through the criminal underworld in cuyahoga, and waged war on the mafia for control of the city. 




Setting: set in 1976, cuyahoga is inspired by real life cleveland ohio. the city is divided into 7 districts


downtown: roughly twice the size of broker liberty city and filled with skyscrapers


cheshire: a very large suburban neighborhood where hundreds of people live.


west heights: a large ghetto like area filled with mostly old tenements and apartments.


littleton: filled with hundreds of middle class suburbs that currently in a state of decay or are completely abandoned.


brune: a small area consisting mostly of corner stores and other small stores.


portland: this district houses several harbors and is home to a large railyard where trains pick up and drop off cargo to be distributed.


buckshire industrial park: a large industrial park filled with factories, processing plants, sewege plants and steel mills.


clark county: a large rural area filled with small towns, farms and woods.












browning pistol

m1911 pistol


snubnose revolver



ithaca shotgun

remington shutgun


sawed off shotgun


submachine guns:


mac 10

madsen smg

beretta smg







sniper rifles:

sniper rifle



rocket launcher


grenade launcher





sticky bomb





irish mob (your gang)

rivals: andolini crime family, fedelli crime family, the warriors mc


andolini crime family

rivals: irish mob


fedelli crime family

rivals: irish mob


the warriors mc

rivals: irish mob, angels of death mc


angels of death mc

rivals: the warriors mc



rivals: fedelli crime family, andolini crime family, the warriors mc



rivals: irish mob, angels of death mc



rivals: fedelli crime family, apaches, yardies, irish mob




name: danny burke

ethnicity: irish

date of birth: april/29/1933

birth place: dublin ireland

known relatives: thomas burke (father, decseased), elizabeth burke (mother, alive)

bio: born in ireland. when danny was 9 he and his family moved to the united states. when they arrived, they moved to cuyahoga, danny and his family moved into an apartment located in west heights. when danny began school at west heights elementery school, after a few months of being in school he was severly picked on and bullied by kids because of his ethnicity, he was also made fun of for his irish accent and because nearly nobody liked him, danny had no friends until he met patrick mccomber who had just moved to west heights from littleton, the two became very good friends. in 7th grade, while at the dance at the west heights recreational center, danny had assaulted teens who had been making fun of him. danny had been sent to juvie for about a month. after getting out he barely changed. an athletic boy, he excelled at baseball and was an all star basketball player. although danny was a poor student, the teachers let him play sports because he was valuable for the team. danny attended west heights high school. in frequent fights with italian-american students, children of more recent immigrants' struggling for place, danny developed an intense dislike for italians that lasted his entire life. after being expelled from west heights high school, he transferred to littleton high school, where he excelled in athletics. a boy scout for a short time, he was kicked out of his troop. he was expelled from littleton high school due to excessive tardiness, which he claimed was caused by the bullying of fellow students. expelled from high school in 1951, danny enlisted in the united states marines, where he was soon noticed for his abilities as a boxer and marksman. he was stationed at fort baxter, vice city, florida. he was transferred many times, possibly because of behavioral issues. promoted to the rank of corporal in 1953, danny taught new junior marines how to be artillerymen. he was honorably discharged later that year. he got a job working at the docks that same year.



more coming soon...  









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2 hours ago, TheerT said:

So, our protagonist will die as a result of a car bomb explosion?

no the protagonist will live not die like the real danny greene did.

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Come on, you're blatantly stealing the guy from Mafia 3's name for your project.

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