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Livewire love letter

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Hello. This is a new work of mine. A love letter dedicated to a childhool crush. You'll figure out inmediately who she is. I decided to play the role of a person who wants to be mistreated by his loved one. Maybe this goes without saying, but remember that this is just a fiction, and that I don't endorse this kind of behavior. Do NOT imitate the character of this letter. Now I can start.


Dear Leslie:

How are you? I'm writting you this letter even though you’re not gonna read it, and even if you do you’ll throw it to the garbage while you laugh evilly. In fact, you don’t know me and you’ll never know me in your life. I watched you and you liked me. I liked the way you mistreat other people and your self-righteousness. Also, I love your look: leather jacket, military-like boots, ripped pants (or were thights?), skirt, shirt that left your navel exposed. Your new look it’s not bad either: Long boots, electric cleavage and blue, Freakazoid-style hair. To be honest, I don’t know which one I prefer. I don’t know why I like you either. Maybe I have a weak spot for Generation X girls. I have no idea which your musical tastes are, but I’m sure you like grunge, punk and heavy metal. Pretty good for my book. There’s something adorable in your repulsive and nasty personality. However, I can’t love you like I do. First of all, because of your toxic personality. Second, because you are a villain. A Superman villain. I shouldn’t feel attraction for someone who isn’t real and that is evil. But do you know what? F*ck it. What is real, after all? What’s good and what’s evil? If you are a fiction, so am I. If you are evil, so am I. Besides, it would be an honor to be mistreated by you. I want you to do your thing. To stomp me and electrocute me. I want you to destroy me.

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