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Noob with a question, 2nd character won a car at "The wheel" in the casino


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I won the car at the casino with the new character I created.

Can I access that car with my original character now?

I dont think so as I am not seeing it or my apts and garages and clubs etc.. as that character.

But I do have a nice apt and garage for my second character that I dont remember buying, so I am just a little confused.


Sorry, I just started playing a few days ago.

Matter of fact I am avoiding online play until I complete the story so I dont have a million stupid questions, BUT I do go in to the casino once a day and spin the wheel and get my chips, which is what I did, today I won.


I know they share the bank and rank, I saw that, but for some reason, I dont see the apt on my main character map screen that my 2nd character delivered his newly won car too, and I would love to be able to share the car, or cars with each character, unless that is not possible.


Anyway thats it, before I rack my brain trying to figure this out I figured I would ask, so if you can not share vehicles then I wont bother looking for it.


I wish I had known that I wouldnt have gone into the casino as my new guy and spun the wheel, I love that car I won, but the character that won it has nothing yet, well except an apt I dont know how he got, bt I dont feel like re-purchasing an office, and all that, I was on my way to setting my guy up pretty well with my main character and I dont have the funds to do that for two characters.

I just thought a second character would share everything, so my mistake I guess.


Also, what do I have to do to insure my vehicles so if they get banged up or destroyed I can have them salvaged? is there such an option?


I am afraid to take some of them out in fear they will get destroyed then I will be out that vehicle.

Thanks again for helping an old guy noob navigate the game a little.

I cant believe this game is 6 years old, it looks amazing!!

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After doing some research I think I have the answer, you can not share vehicles between the two characters that you make in GTAV online.

If I am wrong, and there is a way to share cars between the two characters please let me know that and how to do it, I woudl be very grateful.



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