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FATAL: directx texture 'C\Users\' creation failed

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I keep having this error message whenever I apply the trainer I've been using for a long time


FATAL: directx texture 'C\Users\' creation failed


This error started after I changed my computer.


These are few things to make sure that might help in finding solutions.

The script hook V is up-to-date

The trainer itself is also up-to-date

There are no additional mods applied to the file.

I've tried re-installing the game few times.

DirectX is up-to-date

I have changed the directory to F\ Drive, but same error message shows up.

I haven't applied any additional mods that contain texture files in this PC.


And finally, this trainer works perfectly with my friends-and other thousands of peoples'- computers.


When I googled for this problem, I saw few people with the same error message but there were absolutely no solutions.


Again, there are no additional texture files. the game works when I start in Vanilla.

It seems like it is the problem of the Windows 10, Graphics Card, or the game itself.


Are there anyone who had the same problem or someone who knows how to solve this problem?

Please help me.


*Updating the trainer or the script hook v does not work.

*Re-installing the game does not work.

*Changing the directory does not work.

*Re-booting the computer does not work.

*the Trainer itself and Script Hook V seems like they do not have any problems.


This totally prohibits me from playing single player with trainer. I really beg someone to help me find the solution.


Recommending of using another trainer is also fine with me, if it works and has many functions. (Function to Spawn and tune online cars is necessary)

(But I'm not sure whether other trainers will work, because it seems like the problem of Script Hook V loading the texture.)



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Have you tried changing name admin user file?(but it's dangerous. coz edit registry)
Maybe the name of the user file isn't in English, and I suspect that's what's causing the problem...:(

If you not use scriptVhook, use antt212's OpenVhook(substitute scriptVhook).
this mod is working menyoo trainer and enhanced native trainer.but I don't know work simple trainer. please try it.
I use this still.

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