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United Liberty Paper Contact Appreciation Thread

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Posted (edited)

I honestly think he’s a great character, much like the majority of other characters in GTA IV as well as EFLC in general! In a way, he’s quite similar to characters in other media such as Abraham Van Helsing, Commissioner Gordon, and Gandalf as he’s aged and intelligent, much like them. His voice actor, Milton James, I think could’ve also been also to play all three of those other characters pretty well if he was given the opportunity, given how well he did with the ULP Contact. Also, given how secretive he is, perhaps he could additionally be a polymath with other occupations which the gamers just don’t even know about. He even has a certificate as an Easter egg when Niko is sitting with him in his office that says “Edward T. Fortune”. I will say, though, his cameo appearance in GTA V was a bit of wasted potential.. -_-


Feel free to share your thoughts on how much you like this guy, (or dislike this guy, I’m not that cocky, but he probably is, lol).


Dedicated to Milton James. RIP December 7, 1939-January 1, 2018

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy

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Posted (edited)

I really like characters like the ULP contact, or Mike Toreno. Sure, they may be boring suit guys at first, but they do reveal some stuff about them, while leaving enough in the shadows to make them interesting. You also never know when they're working for the government's goals or their own personal goals, and despite that, they're far more reliable sources of help to the character than the most powerful mob bosses, further demonstrating their power (Toreno releases Sweet early from prison, while ULP Contact protects Niko and finds his 'special someone').

Edited by DOUGL4S1

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Posted (edited)

I didn't realise ULP's voice actor had died, RIP. I particularly enjoyed the voice acting for this character, just a great accent and delivery. All his scenes with Niko are really well written and cinematically shot, enjoyed their exchanges a lot. Government agency stuff can be a bit bland, I'm glad in IV the little bit of it that was included featured a really compelling character. You feel there's lots of depth to his personality and that he's a solid, classic old school guy, and it was cool how you never found out his name.


One thing I like a lot is how if Niko gets a 5 or 6 star wanted level and gets killed during the time he's working for him, when he gets out of the hospital he gets an annoyed call from him like "I thought I told you to lay low!" and he's like "Hey, sometimes I just can't help myself" :lol:. Cool detail and adds to that mysterious aura he has, always keeping an eye on you.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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He was always an interesting guy, i was never sure if he actually worked for the government or not until he showed up again in 5

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One of my favorite characters in IV and probably the entire HD universe. I really want to see him return in a prequel.

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