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Stuck at 98.70%

E Revere

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I've looked at the stats menu and as far as I can see, everything is completed. Got 100 security cameras, 30 USJs, all Lions of Fo found, all random character missions done, all odd jobs and time trials completed, etc. The only thing I can reasonably assume to hinder my process is one missing rampage. For some reason, the Lower Easton RPG rampage won't registee in the stats menu even though I have completed it numerous times and got new high scores constantly. It just won't appear in the rampage list.


Is there a way to check this technically? I mean like through reading or editing the save file or something. Is that possible?

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2 hours ago, Respect2 said:

Oh... That's weird. I got the "You've completed all time trials." message so I didn't think of that. Thanks though.

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