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WB Montreal's New Batman Arkham Game

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So here's everything we know officially about WB Montreal's new Batman game. It's a current gen game and it's a AAA DC console game. One of WBM's devs keep's calling it a console game and said he can't confirm if it's on PC. So since it's a current gen game, this means it must be releasing in Q4 2020 before the next gen consoles launch. We know that it's mostly done as hinted by the devs. And since it's likely releasing next year, I think it could be announced this December or early 2020.


I'm really hyped about this game. It's antagonizing waiting for it to be announced. I haven't been this excited for a game since Arkham Knight pre launch. I have lots of faith in WB Montreal.

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I wish they'd do another hero.

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15 minutes ago, Zello said:

I wish they'd do another hero.

They are. WBM is making a second game based on another DC Ip and Rocksteady is too

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7 hours ago, ReverseFlash said:

I have lots of faith in WB Montreal.

I have no faith in Warner Brothers after the Batman: Arkham Knight Middle Finger. The so-called "publisher" is the developer, and the entity who calls the shots.


If this is a game in the same vein as the Arkham games, it's unclear to me why it would not be ported to the PC. I can only say that it seems a foolish decision.

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I'm pretty excited about this one, too. It seems every time there's some sort of gaming related event everyone assumes it's going to be revealed there but it never is. 


I'm really hoping the rumours about the Court of Owls ends up being true. I think they could provide for some interesting new enemy types that really shake the game up in a non-tank battle way.


I'd also really like to see Rocksteady give Batman one more go just so that Arkham Knight doesn't end up being the way they leave their Batman legacy. A sequel to Knight that sort of adapts the Battle for the Cowl storyline and lets you play as multiple members of the bat-family in free roam would be awesome.

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