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Where can I see how many deathmatches I won before?


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Sorry for the stupid question, but I want to unlock the burning heart tattoo (have to win 50 dms) and I dont know where can I check my stats and the numer of how much did I win before. Can someone help me?

Edited by AwwCookies
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Alternatively, you can see your W/L before a Deathmatch begins.

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It's not as convenient but if he has a 2nd Player he could load up a deathmatch and get to the taunt selection screen and see there how many wins and loses OP has in deathmatches


Last I played death-matches it displayed how many games of deathmatches I won and lost


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I cant see it ingame how much I won

In social club where can I find it?

Edited by AwwCookies
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On Social club, click games, then click Grand theft Auto V, there it should take you to stats about your GTA Story Characters, you should see a picture of your online character to the far right of the screen (4th box to the right) click on the picture of your Online character then scroll down a bit and you should see "Competitive Stats", click the icon with the skull and crossbones and it should then display your wins and loses for death matches. 


Here's a picture to help you



I've only blacked out irrelevant (not useful details) 

Edited by B7R
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No problems, best of luck with your future wins in death matches. 

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