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B Dawg

Making Add-on Bikes Road Rash compatible

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B Dawg

The short version, I might do a proper tutorial later, requirements OpenIV and SCO Toolbox. If you don't do this, you won't be able to smack other bikers on your add-on bikes.


There are two scripts you should be editing, roadrash.sco and malcrace.sco (though this one isn't important as it only applies to the Random Encounter with Malc)


What you want to do, is in OpenIV, go into Tools and open Hash Generator, set output format to HEX.

Type in faggio and click generate, you will get it's HEX code. Copy it, and search for it in the script. It will have 2 entries, one is in one long line surrounded by other bikes associated to specific @Labels (more on that later), the other one is (my guess, I don't really know) a list of all bikes, not sure if it's necessary or not as I haven't done much experimenting on it, it also might have a limit of 32 bikes (and 22 are already added to it).


Anyways, what you want to do now, is open your vehicles.ide and compare the animation sets used between bikes. For example, Hessian uses freeway anims, same as the Hexer. In the same line you found the 1st Faggio entry, you will now have to look for the Hexer's HEX code. and then make a new entry using the same Label the Hexer's code is attached to (example: @Label480:0x11F76C14 is the Hexer, then you add (using example Hessian HEX code), @Label480:0xB96B27A9 next to it. Now go back to where the 2nd faggio entry is, copy paste some code blocks around one of the bikes (they're like Push 0xbikeHEX, with something like PushS something and PushD -numberonthelist-. Last time I remember using it, the last bike has PushD 21, so the next one would be at PushD 22, and you'd have to increase the total number of bikes added at the start of the Label.

To be updated some other time with actual screenshots and stuff.


Edited by B Dawg
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