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Big Fat Paulie

3D Era gangs you'd like to see return in the HD Era?

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Big Fat Paulie

It's no secret that the 3D Era and the HD Era are two separate settings and the 3D Era's settings and characters likely aren't coming back (outside of the radio stations) but GTA V did have HD Era renditions of several gangs from San Andreas, most notably the Families and the Ballas.


So, if you were going to bring back 3D Era gangs into the HD Era's setting, which ones would you pick and how would you redo them to fit the HD Era's setting and timeline?


Here are a few of my picks...


1. Leone Family 


In the HD Era, the Leone Family is not one of Liberty City's Mafia families, but they are on The Commission. The Leones are based out of Carcer City (Chicago) and are directly patterned on the Chicago Outfit, with Salvatore Leone acting as a sort of legendary gangster in the vein of Al Capone. They would also have a lot of connections in Las Venturas, much as how the Chicago Outfit ran Las Vegas in real life.


2. Da Nang Boys


I would have the Da Nang Boys be a Southeast Asian gang in the HD Era that would still be based in San Fierro and other parts of San Andreas, but also more closely patterned after the real-life Asian Boyz Crips. As such, they would be a unique sub-faction within the Ballas and have enmity with both the Families and the Wei Cheng Triads.


3. Vercetti Gang


In the HD Era, the Vercetti Gang would still be based in Vice City but would be closely modeled after the real-life Trafficante Crime Family of Florida. Their main turf in Vice City would be directly based on Boca Raton.


4. Southside Hoods


The Southside Hoods in the HD Era would be based out of Carcer City and would be patterned after the Vice Lords gangs in Chicago. The Red Jacks would be like the Conservative Vice Lords (with some elements of the Black P. Stones) and the Purple Nines would be more like the Maniac Vice Lords.


5. Diablos


Much like the Leones and Hoods, the Diablos will be based out of Carcer City in the HD Era. However, since we already have a Latin Kings analogue in the HD Era (Spanish Lords) the Diablos will instead be based on one of their chief rivals, the Satan Disciples.


6. White Stallionz


I bet you didn't expect these guys to pop up, did you? Well, the White Stallionz could easily work as a white supremacist gang, particularly if they are involved in the meth trade. If you want to keep the biker connection, they could be allied with the Angels of Death MC or you could redo them as a skinhead gang or even a modern-day "Alt-Right" group clad in polo shirts and crew cuts depending on when and where the game takes place. You'd probably have to drop the gay jokes since the HD Era is a lot more realistic and less goofy than the 3D Era. Of course, they'd be antagonists.


7. Sharks


Once again, I would move the Sharks from Vice City to Carcer City and base them directly on the old-school white street gangs of Chicago like the Simon City Royals or the Jousters, especially if the game is a period piece set in the 70's or 80's.

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White Stallionz just because ultra gay white power bikers

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Big Fat Paulie
1 hour ago, universetwisters said:

White Stallionz just because ultra gay white power bikers


Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter....

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Posted (edited)

Los Cabrones/Cuban street gang from GTA VC and VCS https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Cubans

If the setting of the next GTA game is in Vice City again,this gang should appear.Maybe they could be allies with the protagonist again,or the protagonist could even be a member of the gang (at least if there's gonna be multiple protagonists again).


Cholos from GTA VCS https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Cholos

Another Latino street gang based in VC,they could return as a rival gang to Cubans like in GTA VCS.


Cobra biker gang from GTA SA https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/San_Andreas_Bikers

Granted,these guys weren't really programmed as a real gang,but they looked really cool IMO,they looked the most like real old school outlaw bikers out of all 3D era biker gangs (along with Big Mitch Baker's gang) if not all GTA biker gangs,so it would be cool to see them again.It wouldn't even matter much that they were originally based in San Andreas,since not much is known about them R* could do anything with them.Just make some badass looking bikers similar to those from SA,put a cobra patch on the back of their jackets and vests,give them some cool choppers, bobbers, cruisers and touring bikes,give them some generic crimes to do (drug dealing, gun running, stealing vehicles, pimping, etc.),and they could fit in any time setting from the 60s to present and in any location in the US.I'd personally like if the protagonist was a member of this gang.


Yakuza https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Yakuza

I think it would be interesting to see Yakuza again.Maybe they could include this gang if the next game is set in San Fierro,since real San Francisco has a lot of citizens of Asian heritage and some Asian gang activity (such as the Golden Dragon massacre back in the 70s).The Yakuza could appear along with the Triads,fighting a turf war with them,similar to how Triads and Da Nang Boys were at war in GTA SA.

Edited by GTA-Biker

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Posted (edited)

Haitians- a relatively new street gang compared to the black and Latino street gangs in vice city but they compensate with increased ruthlessness primarily dealing in hard drugs they also dabble in robbery pimping and have ties to the rap industry they are allied with local families gangs


Loco syndicate- prison gang based on nuestra familia 


Rifas- composed of northern Mexicans bitter rivals vagos and Mara bunta and azteckas 


Da nang boyz- gang based off asian boys 


Also more local family and ballas gangs in real life these gangs are all over the country so I would like to see rockstar reflect that in their games 


Yakuza could be in San Fierro focusing on gambling prostitution and arms running allies with the Chinese Triads

Edited by Copcaller

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Big Fat Paulie

The one thing I love the most about the HD Era is that the majority of the gangs are direct parallels to real life gangs, such as the Lost MC and Angels of Death MC being based on the Outlaws MC and Hells Angels or the Families and Ballas being based on Bloods and Crips. 


Heck, I even like how even the Italian Mafia families are patterned more closely after the real-life Italian Mafia.


Including the Mafia gangs from GTA IV alongside gangs from Red Dead Redemption and and the 3D Era GTA gangs and gangs I created for my GTA VI concept back in February, this is what I'd imagine the Italian Mafia would look like in the HD Era universe.


Five Families of Liberty City

Gambetti Family: Gambino Crime Family

Messina Family: Genovese Crime Family

Lupisella Family: Lucchese Crime Family

Pavano Family: Bonanno Crime Family

Ancelotti Family: Colombo Crime Family


Northeastern United States

Pegorino Family: DeCavalcante Crime Family

Verona Family: Philadelphia Crime Family

D'Aquila Family: Patriarca Crime Family


Midwestern United States

Leone Family: Chicago Outfit

Forelli Family: Detroit Partnership

Sindacco Family: Milwaukee Crime Family


Southern United States

Bronte Family: New Orleans Crime Family

Vercetti Gang: Trafficante Crime Family


Western United States

Bonelli Mob: Los Angeles Crime Family



Sicilian Mafia: Cosa Nostra


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The Haitians for sure, ruthless and have the best dialogue. The Da Nang Boys would also be cool

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iiCriminnaaL 49
Posted (edited)

Not every gang has to have the exact same name and style it had in the 3D era. Just look at GTA III's Yardies and GTA IV's Jamaican Posse. An example of something more different would be the Diablos and the Spanish Lords.


So, on-topic, I want to see two different types of cartels. One similar to the Colombian Cartel, more street based rather than family controlled, but powerful nonetheless, while the other one is similar to the Mendez (and maybe Madrazo) cartel, where it's, as opposed to the former type, controlled by a certain family.


I'd like to see a return to the Yakuza as well. And in case the next game is going to take place in Vice City, I'm looking forward to see a local biker gang that's similar to Mitch Baker's (and maybe a chapter of The Lost or the Angels of Death).

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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The Streetwannabes/Sharks, but more loosely spread out and split into several Warriors-like factions, but all share similar vehicle and clothing styles, with the difference being certain distinct ornaments/color palettes to reflect the district that they claim their turf as.


For example, the Gang Burrito for the Junkyard faction of the Sharks might be more gritty looking and covered in spare parts as opposed to the one for the Ocean Beach faction, which would probably be more neon filled and beach themed (eg. Surfboards on the side of the van).



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