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How would you feel about a GTA VI without an online component?

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4 hours ago, KGBeast said:

GTAO is the worst thing to ever happen to the series and it would be great to see it go away but that's not going to happen.

Just like a Resident Evil parasite, it's to late to leave their host...

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On ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 2:45 PM, Yinepi said:

Going forward it wouldn't that bad of an idea to give players the ability to create their own protags. I don't quite get why people are against self-created protags when it opens the game up for more personalization and replay value.

For a lot of players (me included), one of the key elements of Rockstar games in Story mode is just that - the story.

And if you want to write a great story (which Dan Houser and his colleagues surely do), then the first thing you need is a good central character (or three).

Allow gamers to create their own lead character and, bang, the opportunity for the writers to give them any key traits/relationships/flaws/motivations disappears. At best, you end up with a central protagonist like Claude who's a silent killer watching the kraziness go on around him.

It would suck, and thankfully I can't see it happening.


Although it is slightly more likely than GTA VI not having an online component. Satan will be skiing to work before Take Two decide they'd rather not quadruple their revenues with GTA Online II.



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On 8/14/2019 at 12:59 PM, Emmi said:

Instead of doing online they could work on yearly, paid story dlc's (similar to IV's dlc packs) and make even more money than with online.

You should send your CV to Rockstar or Take-Two, if you know better than them what is more profitable.

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On 8/5/2019 at 2:54 PM, José_Sócrates said:

So I've been reading some things here and it seems that everyone expects GTA VI to have an online component like GTA V did. And I'm thinking, do we really need to have an online component for the next GTA, isn't GTA Online enough to satisfy the players needs? Because I feel that GTA V suffered to some extent because of online, and we all know about the single player DLC that never came to be. Plus, I'll be honest here, I think Online sucks and it's not really gta, and although it brings in money, I think I'd be much better if Rockstar used their resources on something else. How would you feel about a single player only GTA VI? As an alternative, what about a GTA VI with an online multiplayer component, but not to the extent of GTA Online, like GTA IV for example? Finally, in the most likely scenario we get GTA VI online, would you rather have the content done by Rockstar or by another studio?

I was quickly bored by GTA Online after I did all heists and preparations, GTA 6 should have a Co-Op mode though to be able to do missions with human players and allow various approaches, e.g. armored vehicle or helicopter, according to the player's choice. After all it would be a waste of potential GTA 6 having no online, but heists and missions should be incorporated into single player.

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Literally all I want is another GTA IV multiplayer, is that too much to ask?

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Online in GTA killed GTAV's potential, and Rockstar haven't been the same as a company since its release, so I would personally prefer to have Online mode completely omitted in GTAVI (not even GTAIV's MP style). Of course that's utopic since its never going to happen, but the opposite in fact, which is unfortunate IMO.

I only hope GTAVI to have a proper SP player experience.

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All for it.

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Standard Deluxe 59

I would love it. Screw online. 

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On 8/5/2019 at 5:33 PM, Big Molio said:

This fan doesn't agree with you. I think that's the way it will ultimately go too.

Nah, not gonna happen. The Houser brothers have always preferred single player and telling stories.

They're not gonna create a campaign where the protagonist looks like a sh*tty online character model who can't speak.. not their style, thankfully.

If you want that, play Saints Row.


You have online for creating characters anyway

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