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Character Restart Thing


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Hey, I just made a new(ish) character on a test account I have on the side and some stuff happened of which I wonder you folks might be able to tell me more about.

Here's what I did.


I had two characters on the other account that I once transferred over from PS3, a guy (lvl91) and a girl (lvl5), but further left it to focus on my main account characters. Yesterday-ish I went and deleted the girl to create a new one for reasons unimportant. 

At one point I was asked if I wanted to make my second character same level as the first one, so she'd start out level 91. I figured, sure, save me some needless levelling.


So, finally I'm sent online and I don't get the GTA Online intro all of us old timers have seen, but I get the Diamond promo. Fine, okay. So after I walk into the casino so that intro bit would also be out of the way and when I get back out I notice that this freshly created girl already owns an apartment (Richards Majestic). I went and checked with the other character (got the damn Casino thing a fourth time) and he does have one apartment, but it's not Richards Majestic.


The actual questions:

- Is this a new thing? That you get set up with an apartment, just out of the goodness of Rockstar's heart?

- Does the Diamond promo clip replace the standard GTAO opening? It kinda seemed like fun to start over and pretend to be a GTAbaby again, getting picked up by Lamar and the whole shebang.

- I'm assuming the lvl91 thing has something to do with the game just assuming I'm not new. How close am I?

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You didn't get the standard opening because you started a character at rank 91 instead of rank 1. The apartment thing...yeah they decided to give new second characters a free random High End apartment. I'd actually forgotten about that.

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