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Crew Recruitment: Reaper Lords


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The Reaper Lords crew is looking for honorable individuals to join our family. 


Reaper Lords are active in all timezones on XB and PS.


This is a highly organized club with standards that have been developed over the past six years. There is an elected hierarchy that manages day to day operations, a constitution which defines rights of all members, and votes on all major issues to ensure the rules of the club reflect the will of the membership.


Since 2013, the LORDs have raised thousands for charity, hosted many real-world meet-ups in the US and EU, and have been featured in several major gaming publications; including IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, and VICE. Reaper Lords enjoy a close, but informal, relationship with Rockstar Games that goes back to 2014. Founded on GTAOnline as a motorcycle club, members of the Reaper Lords have participated in several Rockstar Games livestreams, have been featured on the Newswire, and most recently, R* provided official logo T's for all members attending our ReaperCon 2019 event in Los Angeles (coinciding with E3, where we met Roger Clark and Samantha Sterlitz).


"Red Dead Online's Most Hardcore Posse" - Polygon. 2019.


"Toughest Gang in the World of Video Games" - Vortex. 2019


"Best Ever Multiplayer Experience" - IGN. 2019.


Membership in Reaper Lords must be earned. The prospecting process is challenging, but enjoyable for the small percentage of applicants that earn full membership. Prospects are evaluated for their ability to adhere to club rules, and work within a team, while exhibiting personal characteristics which we believe will be a good fit for our family. The prospecting process includes learning club rules and history, attending weekly meetings, completing team challenges, and providing security for club activities. Much is made of how difficult prospecting is and how few make it through, but for those that enjoy structured gameplay and are willing to sacrifice to become part of something larger than themselves, it is actually a lot of fun.


For a chance to join, apply here:







1 min. Recruitment Video: 


Rockstar Bikers DLC Livestream featuring Reaper Lords & Hell Hounds




Article References





https://www.vortex.cz/seznamte-se-s-nejtvrdsim-gangem-ve-svete-videoher/ (Czech language article & video)









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