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My GTA crashes in the loading screen from the main menu!


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I'm using a VPN to be able to play in the casino. But, yesterday, when i logged in, this was what happened:
First i turn on the vpn as usual, then launched the game, i opened my social club menu, i tried enter in a friend's session, so, what the gta does is automatically going first to gta single player then the game asks me if i want to join my friend's session as usual i pressed OK, but in the loading the game crashed and appeared that very known message that is something like: "gta stoped working due to some problem, please check your graphics, if the problem persist contact R* support, blablabla". The same message that appears when the servers are down or when an error happens.
Then i tried enter the game for a 2nd time without VPN and this time i went just for the single player mode, i left my room for a second but i was able to listen the radio of the single player characters, then it stoped, when i came back i was again in the desktop with the same error message.

I tried a 3rd time into the Single Player, the loading crashed like 10 seconds after and i was kicked out of the game again and the same message appeared. I was able to sent a message via the game to my friend and i could even receive a session invitation.
I tried a 4th time now i did turn off and on the pc and the router of the internet, but same damn thing happened.

I don't think that i got a ban because when it does, we receive a message saying we got banned as far as i know and we can still play single player. So...what's the problem here? o_O'


P.S.: When i try verify the files to see if some are corrupted the scan bar more or less at 50% disappear and the game is automatically launched and the same error occurs. Today i was able to get in single player one time, for 5 10 seconds before crashing and getting kick out of the game with that error. Plz, i'm desperate...if someone can help me...

Edited by VitoCorleone1992
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