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GTA Online' Casino Update Is Game's Biggest Launch


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From Rockstar's Newswire: We’d like to thank everyone who attended the Grand Opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort for being a part of the biggest event in GTA Online history. As the Hollywood Reporter just announced, this past week has seen more players than ever in GTA Online, with records set for biggest day and biggest week of player numbers since the game first launched back in 2013. Once again, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the new players and everyone who returned to Los Santos to help celebrate the opening of The Diamond with us.


To read the full article, click here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/gta-online-diamond-casino-resort-sets-user-records-1228386

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We have GTA Online for many many years until the game crash. I got some big freezes when im approaching to the casino and on the docks (where are a lot of interiors). Isn't yet like Heists update on PS3, but the game starts to going really bad.

Edited by joel15cat
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And the servers wobbled, but held. AWS is one hell of a thing :D

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amazing .... those numbers man ...

last week i checked Steam for the most downloadable games on the plattform worldwide and ... guess who was nr. 1 !!! a 6 year old game !!!

and it peaks constantly at over 170k players/day since the DLC´s release , only the steam version ! everyday ! 


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Absolutely insane that it had more numbers than ever. I'm on a hiatus, got burnt out but am tempted on a return.

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I'm sorry, but how exactly this is the biggest launch, when


Rockstar would not share official player counts, but the main game, Grand Theft Auto V, from which the online mode stems, has sold 110 million copies globally and an in-game census from 2014 showed GTA Online boasted over 33 million active players.


There's literally nothing in the text to support the claim that was made in the title.

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Long term, its a decent update but I dont super love it. Would've preferred tuners/chop shop as I/E part II and made Benny's great again but the Baker missions and gaming options do add a bit of replayability.

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