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Vice City HD Remastered | Unreal Engine & GTA 5

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Vice City HD Remastered | Unreal Engine & GTA 5




Hello community!

I would like to present you a small preview of a new project i've been working on.
This could be the largest and most challenging project I have ever considered creating.
I present you, a preview of an updated en remastered Vice City in Unreal Engine! Enjoy this screenshot, and there are 2 more below!

EDIT: Here is a small preview video of the current progress! 







The idea is to recreate the relatively small map of Vice City in 3D, updated to the 2010's,  and place it into this game engine: Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games.
Later, I'm considering converting it all to GTA 5 as a map modification (add-on).
Of course, Vice City may be a rather small map, but recreating it with HD models - mostly modeled by myself and made up-to-date with modern buildings - is of course very time consuming and challenging when done by only 1 person. 

Though, I would like to keep it that way. This could be a very nice portfolio item I think, and even more when done individual with only a small amount of help by others.
It may sound impossible, but I'm motivated and months of work don't bother me. I think I have enough knowledge from 3dsMax and Unreal Engine to do this. Also, my work in real life should not be too much of a problem.

I hope that the polycount of this map mod will stay relatively low, so people can easily  run the map on GTA 5. But for now, I'm first placing everything in Unreal Engine.




As of 1 august 2019, I have modeled and/or placed in Unreal Engine:


  • Ocean and base of Vice City (water, sand).
  • Florida based sky and sun, with a few clouds and time around 20pm.
  • Props such as palm trees, 3D grass, rocks, flowers, bushes.
  • A detailed and reworked, enterable version of the lighthouse, at the southeast point of the map.
  • The 80's hotels on Ocean Drive (Ocean View, Front Page Café, Colony Hotel...) along with new, modern hotels.
  • Roads.
  • The Vice City Washington distict along with a new modern skyscraper at the south, based on the 'Four Seasons Hotel' in Brickell, Miami.
    I'm thinking of making the original Washington district of Vice City, close to the Brickell district in Miami. With a lot of modern high rise buildings.
    This would mean we get 2 districts with skyscapers in this reworked map: Washington and Downtown Vice City (Brickell and Downtown Miami).
  • I'm currently busy modeling a replica of the Sun Life Stadium Miami (Hard Rock Stadium) which is the home of the Miami Dolphins and hosts multiple events, such as the Super Bowls...
    This would replace the Hyman Memorial Stadium, at the very northwest of the map.
  • Integrating a third person playable character and a driveable car into Unreal Engine.


Update 26 august 2019:

  • Hard Rock Stadium is now finished, I'm still not very sure if it would replace the Hyman Memorial stadium. For now, it replaces the Vice City scrapyard and Fort Baxter.
  • The north part of the airport is done, i added some new modern buidlings too.
  • Tommy Vercetti is now a playable character in Unreal Engine.
  • The Washington mall is finished, along with the Ocean View hospital.


Still, I'm not very sure if I will base this all on replica's and 'fake' names. Maybe I could just use the real life names (like Brickell or Hard Rock Stadium)?


Suggestions and ideas, or feedback, it's always welcome as long as it's realistic! :) 


Happy modding!

GTA Belgium











updating, adding video
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This looks amazing. Great work man!


We're also working on a HD Vice City (Vice City Overhaul) in GTA V, it looks great as well on Unreal Engine 4. I love it. 

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Looking good but puting GTA 5 map and even this improoved VC mat is in my opinion not a good idea. Why not GTA 5 and GTA 4 map?

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What happened?

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9 minutes ago, CyberRock said:

What happened?

Considering Take-Two shut down the San Andreas on Unreal 4 project, I'll leave you to guess.

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