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How did you found out about gta IV's euphoria physics?

The Dedito Gae

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The Dedito Gae

I remember getting out of Roman's apartment for the first time, wanted to soak in on the atmosphere of LC and tackle the first mission- thats it until i got run over by a taxi and Niko flipped like a ragdoll...


Then i spent the next hours jumping into cars and pushing people off stairs, completely ignoring the story.

Good times.

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Oh man I can't remember when I started to really notice it myself although I only started playing it last year, I think I knew it was good already so I just dived right into enjoying it. I was definitely particularly impressed when I first flew out the windscreen in a car crash in the awesome way that happens, I loved/love how the camera kind of takes a moment to catch up with Niko which emphasises how dramatically you go flying even more too. Also spent a lot of time pushing people and blowing myself up to see how far I could get thrown through the air. Idk I've been obsessed with the great physics from then to now so constantly been playing with them.


But I totally remember briefly seeing my brother playing the game when it came out in 2008, shooting up a hospital, and actually being quite disturbed by how realistic the physics of the peds were when they got shot/hit/pushed etc. The way they moved and reacted was so incredibly realistic compared to the cartoonish by comparison previous games, suddenly seemed like real people being hurt and took some desensitising to get used to.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Excalibur Voltaire

I found out when I ran over some poor innocent worker when driving out of the port with Roman. I'm really amazed with the physics back then

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I f*cking loved them. Blew my mind out of the water then and still sorta now. 

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By diving out of a currently driven car to bump into other cars in traffic.

Edited by TheerT
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Eugene H. Krabs

Not even 5 minutes in on my very first playthrough I had a 6 star wanted level for accessing Algonquin early and my car was already on fire. I had no choice but to bail out so once I did that, I was amazed at how Niko kept flopping on the road like a fish. However I ended up getting hit by a speeding FIB Buffalo afterwards so I died.

Edited by Eugene H. Krabs
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in my 1st playthrough.

the same playthrough i realized that cars don´t explode anymore when flipped.

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Hit the barrier in the middle of the highway at max speed, Niko flew out of the windscreen and died. Magical

Edited by Shauny7488
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