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MOTW #142: Voting


Voting has commenced!  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Which mission should win MOTW #142?

    • Explosive Job (Mikul)
    • Operation: S.P.E.T.S.N.A.Z (XzeuX)
    • The Battle Avengers (Martin_Strada)
    • Quadruple Extermination II (VikingEVM)
    • Last Sight (LordStarship)
    • War Incidious (XxGrovexX)

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  • Poll closed on 08/09/2019 at 08:00 AM

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Huzaifa khan
1 hour ago, LordStarship said:

Next time, i'll try to create a mission without any story to my canceled project

Ah sh*t, here we go again! 

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Huge congratulations to VikingEVM and the others were participating into MOTW.




Qudruple Extermination II





The Battle Avengers





War Incidious (i liked this mission more than Xzeu's, Lord Starship's and Mikul's, so this is the 3rd place for me.)


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Huzaifa khan

@XxGrovexX Your sounds are real feel of warzone. Specially that "Gun Sounds" effect.

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Sorry for the delay, but...






Congratulations to this week's winner:



Quadruple Extermination II


I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all you folks who took time off your schedule to participate in this contest! All your missions were good in one way or another. For those who missed out on a win, or couldn't participate for whatever reason, good luck to you in future editions of the MOTW!


@VikingEVM Congrats man, your mission was spell-binding and you deserve to win, definitely. You know the drill: you have 2 days to make the thread for the next MOTW. Give us a good theme!

Edited by RithRake24
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