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Grand theft auto: alderney tales

grand theft auto alderney tales  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. what are your thoughts

    • best concept ever keep up the good work
    • worst idea ever go back to the mafia community you fa**ot

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Posted (edited)


                                                                                                             logo made by §†range                                                                                                                           Overview: the year is 1978 with liberty city dangerously close to bankurptcy, the game maintains a theme of decline and presents both risk and reward to those who dare to challenge the chaos. crucial to the gameplay are the environment and how the player interacts with liberty city, both of which are the foundations for updated & expanded features centered around criminal economies and street crime. the map is also larger than gta 4 with a countryside the player can explore to escape the chaos in liberty city. 


Map: the map is an expanded liberty city with a countryside, new areas, and more to explore. new locations include

pine woods: a large forest in alderney county based on pine barrens new jersey and very similar to back o beyond from gta san andreas.

alderney county: includes the whole alderney island of liberty city as well as pine woods. 

hedgebury: a small town located in hedge county.

hedge county: an area north of liberty city that consists of woods and farmlands.

the carraways: a suburban area on shlong island that consists of mansions and middle class houses.

shlong island: based on long island new york

stauten island: consists of small wetlands, woods and suburbs. it is also where the liberty city landfill is located. also based on staten island

auburn county: an area upstate that consists of farms, corn fields, and small patches of woods.

auburn: a small farming community in auburn county.

alderney dam. a large water power plant in alderney county.



Empire building:

when building your criminal empire you establish businesses to profit from. there are 10 rackets you can set up to build your crime empire.




front: meat packing plant


front: hotel/motel 


front: casino/store

gun running

front: railway yard


front: factory


front: car sales yard


front: construction yard

waste managment

front: waste depot


front: warehouse


to set up rackets buy properties to set them up or attack and steal ones belonging to rival gangs you are at war with. if you have a construction racket set up you can purchase building sites and choose what to build. you can build anything from houses to buildings that can be used for your rackets. you can also extort stores on your turf and make them pay you protection money regularly. favors can also be done for cash similar to the godfather games.


Side activities:

truck hijacking: trucks carrying valubles can be hijacked in any fashion. the goods can then be sold at a fence to make money 


contract killing: check your mailbox at your safehouse for orders to do contract killings. get the orders from your mailbox and it will contain the targets wherabouts and a picture of their face. some targets will be alone and easy to kill others will have body guards.


robbery: any type of robbery from street mugging to bank jobs can be performed. houses can be broken into and robbed of valubles which can be sold to a fence. stores can be robbed at gun point. banks can be robbed to make loads of cash.


street racing: street races can only be started if the player has a hot rod. 


fun fair: funland is opened and the player can go on all the rides.




shooting range: can be done to improve shooting skill






movie theater












pool cue


tire iron







browning pistol

silenced pistol


snubnose revolver

service revolver

stechkin pistol



ithaca shotgun

lupara shotgun

remington shotgun


submachine guns:

beretta smg

ingram smg

madsen smg

micro smg

skorpion smg

S&W smg

walther smg



assault rifle

battle rifle

carbine rifle

light machine gun



sniper rifle

semi automatic rifle



rocket launcher

grenade launcher

tear gas launcher





sticky bomb





New features:

bodies can be stored in car trunks and transported from place to place

shovels can be used to dig holes in the ground to dispose of bodies

similar to la noire you can go into the settings menu and turn on black and white mode that makes everything black and white

small and medium sized buildings can be destroyed

a black hand system similar to the one in the godfather games is also in the game






more things such as story & characters will be coming soon. i just need to come up with a good story first before i can post it on here.


Edited by jcole

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I think there was a concept thread with the same logo. Good thing you've credited its author.

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any feedback at all?

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4 hours ago, jcole said:

any feedback at all?


I mean post a story and some characters and we'll see

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23 hours ago, jcole said:

any feedback at all?




Try an original concept instead of a copy/paste of a previous concept... which I note that you also posted in.


Once you've got one, feel free to post it, until then this one is locked up.

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