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what do you do when you get bored in the freemode?

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Angry Akula

I'd troll, I'd monkey, I'd grief and I'd shistaboobah.

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- Keep an eye on chat & kill-feed, if somebody is getting killed over and over (or getting their cargo destroyed) by somebody of a significantly higher level then try and help, join the pvp battle, give the victim your tank/stromberg/apc/etc, invite them to your org for free ghost org, explain the use of the 'fully loaded' work, etc. Most of the time i keep going till the attackers ragequit, but if i cant manage that (im in no way skilled at pvp, or at least not comparable to some of these people with 10+ K/D) i shrug, invite the victim to a doomsday act2 finale and have them make an easy half a million.
- BMX wallride glitch, i still do this way too often because its fun while also difficult, and half the time somebody see's you do this they will want to learn, and before you know it you're teaching half the session how to do it

- Use the 'Up-n-atomiser' or other means to flip peoples parked cars, possibly even locking them into stores with their own car
- Use cargobob to haul people's cars to nearby roofs etc
- Park a terrorbyte with drone station in the subway near most used los santos customs, fly a drone to the garage-door, every few minutes a player with broken windows pulls up, zap them out of their vehicle.
- If you spot an obvious cheater start recording video and bait the f*ckers, send video to R* support, feel smug about it.
- I only do this with obvious griefers and cheaters since its really quite terrible lol: You plus 2 friends all get in a terrorbyte with drone station, all 3 drones go to target, agree on a tazing order, just keep the person tazed 24/7 till they leave.
- Land planes on maze bank tower, simply by stalling them at the right moment/in the right spot, i started doing this with simple stuff like shamal's or luxor deluxe, these days i can do it with titans volatols etc.
- Take an Avenger, go off radar, and use the rotors to chop up MK2 Oppressor kids, or just straight up ram other ppl's planes/heli's.
- Offer tours of the FIB building (park Cargobob on the glass pyramid and roof in such a way you can get below it, combat roll into glass, try few times, glitch trough)
- Bike stunting (Bati801 ftw)
- Recent addition: Dress up as valet, hair and all, stand at casino door and just wait to see what happens, half the people ignore you completely (ghost org helps) other half will come up aiming their gun, pull out combat mg or rpg or whatever and destroy their hopes and dreams. When you get ignored start actually parking peoples cars, most will be confused (on PC slowly tapping run makes you 'walk fast' like scared npc's do btw, this can help keep up appearances)

Not sure if the below are still possible since its been a while last i did em:

- Steal a car that has a boat trailer (with boat) from behind chilliad, drive it to the city, go passive, look for other passive players on foot, plow trough them, car and trailer wont touch them, boat will.

- Grab a 'hold the wheel' vehicle, drive it back and forth across town till you have at least one person (but preferably several people) following you, hop into los santos customs, using pause menu make sure they are waiting outside, buy ignition bomb, drive back out, pretend to try shoot them (shoot their passenger seat or hood or whatever) let them kill you, watch the plan come to fruition, even though the vehicle will no longer be marked as the event vehicle 9 out of 10 times they still get in/on.

A bit dangerous, but since im just getting random reports due to my level anyway:
- Start driving around GoGo Space Monkey Blista or any of those terrible Pegasus vehicles (read: arena war unlocks) make fun of everybody calling you a cheater
- Try a wallbreach, about 20% of sessions somehow dont have the death triggers, if you find such a session parachute into people's apartments/garages just to freak them out, then show them how to do the same themselves.
- Bait a griefer, go to any of the 'simple' wallbreaches (read: ones without a death trigger, like that building on the dam behind casino) and hop inside, keep killing them and making fun of how you are aiming for their head, how they are too blind to see you, etc.

Something i've been trying to do for a few days now but havent actually found a workable spot for yet:
- Fly a drone trough a wallbreach and get inside any sort of interior below the map, taze players inside said interior.

Also, not complaining or anything but this thread is bscly the same as the below thread?


Edited by suicidal_banana

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18 hours ago, suicidal_banana said:

Also, not complaining or anything but this thread is bscly the same as the below thread?



Possibly but I don't do that because I am bored. Just because it's fun. When I'm bored I just tend to find a nice tall building or hill and stare off into the middle distance.

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