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If Rockstar ever release a story DLC

What Story DLC would you like  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like for a Single Player DLC

    • A Sadie Adler DLC
    • Charles Smith
    • Young Dutch and Hosea
    • Young Arthur and John (multiple protagonist)
    • Jack Marston (Set after the events of RDR 1)
    • Undead Nightmare

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If Rockstar ever do some single player DLC, what would you guys like to see...


Theres a few I would like, For me I would love to see Young Dutch and Hosea putting the gang together, I would also like to see a game focused on Charles, from the time between Beaver Hollow and Epilogue Part 2.


I would also like to see a Sadie DLC, in American Venom she says she wants to goto South America, would love to see her journey, and it opens the possibility of bringing Mexico back.


One thing I aint too fussed about is an Undead Nightmare DLC, could not get away with the first one and probably, wouldn't now.


Whats your thoughts guys...

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Bill, Javier, and Dutch between 1899 (Bill and Javier) and 1911, and 1907 (Dutch) and 1911 is what I’d like to see.


I would also love to see Red Dead Remastered (I know it wouldn’t be a remaster but the name sounds cool) with a few extra missions like John going after Charles first.

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Young Dutch and Hosea.


I want to play as a new character though.

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Mister Pink

I really find Hosea and Dutch to be very interesting characters. They're not normally what springs to mind when you think of outlaws. This is what I like about them. Dutch is idealistic, well spoken, and displays leadership qualities. Maybe in another era he would an entrepreneur or something. Hosea had an interest in the arts (stage acting and comedy), and turned outlaw. I could easily enjoy more of their stories. 

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None of the above for me. 


I'd like something akin to Undead Nightmare, but focused more on aliens and the supernatural. 


IMHO, the zombie thing is just played out entirely and it's hackneyed. As has been suggested elsewhere, a Cowboys vs Aliens sort of thing would be fun as hell if done right. Otherwise, there are so many occult-like references in the main game that it could offer fodder for a DLC. 



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Sadie Adler 100%.

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Grotti Vigilante

How about a Landon Ricketts DLC set in New Austin showing his final days as a gunslinger where the final mission consists of him clashing with the Van Der Linde gang during the Blackwater Robbery? He was one of the few people to survive that massacre (as it was called if it's the same event) after all. Personally I say, screw Sadie Adler, cause she's had her character arc already (a frankly bad one mind you) and I've had enough of the Van Der Linde gang to be going back to play Dutch and Hosea so soon, as great a pair of characters as they are. If I had to pick between any of those options above though, give me another Undead Nightmare that is an alternative timeline from the original Red Dead Redemption II. 

Edited by Grotti Vigilante
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Cutter De Blanc

Blackwater Chapter

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While I believe any Story DLC should involve a new  playable protagonist or protagonists, I had a few more idead.


1. Set during the year John left Abigail, Jack and the gang


2. Re-Master and Re-Release RDR1 for current gen consoles with new missions  as a DLC for 2...Although I dont have a good enough braim for the specifics of that or if it is even possible.


I really hope Rockstar do some DLC for Single Player as I am not a fan of multi-player or online gaming

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I can see Charles having his own story (maybe Red Dead 3). As far as DLC goes, Sadie has a good story going for her. A badass girl with an axe to grind.

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