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How to get all spray tags easily on Gta san andreas

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Hello i want to know how to complete all the spray tags on Grand theft auto san andreas easily because its boring to me and i cannot complete it.

Any helpful answers i will greatly appreciate it ( just tell me a website that gives very easy walkthroughs for games. )

Thank you

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lil weasel

I do it on foot running, to gain the extra Health without doing the paramedic sub-mission.

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/tagsmap/map.htm] TAGS Map

I print off the Map

Place it in a page protector

Use a China Marker to check them off as I do them.

After, I erase the marks for the next game play.


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Posted (edited)

I would use the NRG-500 to get from tag to tag quickly. The bike skill then improves at the same time.

Just make sure to collect enough spray can ammo and use a map to locate the tags.

Edited by perennial

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lil weasel can you explain to me more to understand ?

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lil weasel
Posted (edited)

I look at the map to see where the Tangs are, set up a route from tag to tag, RUN to each one. This builds up stamina which increases the Health Bar (cycling can do it too) without needing to do the Para-Medic sub-mission.

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/tagsmap/map.htm] TAGS Map

As I locate and finish each Gang Tag I use the China Marker (waxy crayon) to cross it off on the page protected map I had printed.


Paint Cans are available prior to the mission in two places.


and of course when the mission starts in the bed room. (I do it before the mission, to get the arms cache in the kitchen early.)

I get about 15 locations per can.  They respawn after three minutes of not being in the area.


Same for the other collections:

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/snapshotsmap/map.htm] Snapshots Map

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/horseshoesmap/map.htm] Horseshoes Map

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/oystersmap/map.htm] Oysters Map


Edited by lil weasel

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Evil empire

If you're on PC GTA savegame editor is your friend.

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1. Stock up on spray paint so you don't run out halfway through. I recommend the two pick ups in Los Santos that can be found using this map. Go back and forth until you've got about 3000. Alternatively, you can wait until you're on the mission "Tagging Up Turf". This will give you a massive amount of spray paint that will comfortably last.

2. Use a video guide to help you locate the tags. Some tags are obvious and easily visible, but others can be quite vague or clash with the textures used. A map will pinpoint the location, but a video will help you nail the exact location and approach. I recommend this video as it was helpful to me. I now know the locations of all 100 off by heart thanks to this.

3. Listen to some music whilst you do it, because it is tedious and you will get bored. You can mute the video because you won't need any audio clues to locate them.

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Wanna do it as fast as possible ? here : https://www.speedrun.com/gtasa#All_Tags


follow a speedrun, do the tags preferably during the mission tagging turf as you will have infinite spray ammo

Edited by fvckingshitwebsite

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