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Looking For Friends [PC]


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Same here! i really love this game, but finding people to play with on PC these days is more of a struggle than id like it to be... im up for anything!


Steam: Remoy01

Social Club: Remoy88



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Same. I joined the forum hoping to find others (Casual/fun players) to hook up with. I'm new to GTA V but  I like running my nightclub although things get a bit mad once I step outside on my own. 😉

Social Club: LacyJax



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Feel free to add me...happy to help out. Im on most days. SC:Capta1nFluffy

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Same here - I'm looking to do heists and MC activities currently and want people to do these with :)


Social club: MoJoPix

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Apart from a kitted out nightclub I have a money laundering setup and an office I wish to sell more goods from but need help in doing so. Delivering and collecting etc.


Would be good to share and setup something with some of you. 🤞


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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm on everyday for a few hrs or longer will help with CEO/nightclub or mc businesses too


Sc: KhaotikZzBlood

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hi i can be your friend i’m only lvl 46 tho but i’m good i need help with import export name is Simatro

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Hi Everyone, I am new to online. but would like to find new people to play with as well. you can add me at social club: xdxdloh



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Machette Freddy

Bit of a noob still, have mc businesses could use a hand selling, looking for couple guys chill, puff, game.. you can add me SC: Richard_Stadanko

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