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Microsoft reenters the Flight Sim Market - Flight Simulator 2020

Recommended Posts


Announced at E3 2019 with a teaser trailer showing off aspects of the new sim along with technologies they will integrate into the sim.



Will release on PC first then eventually will come to Xbox 1.


Follow development at the Official Flight Simulator Insider site:


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My 1070Ti has left the chat.


Seriously, this was the most exciting thing to be announced at E3, IMO. 2020 can't come soon enough.

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14 hours ago, E•MO•TION said:

My 1070Ti has left the chat.


Seriously, this was the most exciting thing to be announced at E3, IMO. 2020 can't come soon enough.

2020 is only 5 months away, But the one thing to consider is when it will be released in 2020, My money is on late Q4 2020

(I say that in the hopes that I am way wrong and its released sooner than that)

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My thoughts on this:


Seems like its going to heavily rely on cloud computing, There could be a fee to play the full version even if you arent flying on multiplayer, In the form of their mentioned Game Pass or xbox live. When I say pay to play full version, There could be a neutered offline version that would be completely free(after paying up front for the game)


I like how clouds and storms are looking from the trailer.


I hope to see a built in weather engine that doesnt require third party software like ActiveSky, And also that the base game supports aircraft that have weather radars that will let them work.


I would like to see in the form of private multiplayer, the option of shared cockpit with ATC as well as AI aircraft, Also on the front of AI aircraft, third party airline traffic addons that will work in multiplayer. Not trying to knock out vatsim and other online ATC, But would rather do things with certain amount of close friends which range from goofing off to prepping for proper landings with ATC vectoring us in.


Some kind of ranked multiplayer system where if a server has it set, would limit you to certain types of aircraft you can fly on the server, This ranking system could start off from a flight school type of training with training missions based on all included aircraft in the game.


A release date that is not set in stone, This is what can make or break a game, whether it works properly on release day, All it does is set a high rate of development in which corners as well as features get cut or limited because "OMG we gotta get the game ready by this exact date!" MS, Please take your time on this, offer a range in which the game could be released, actually finish the game before it can be announced gold. So far they have just announced sometime in 2020, I would not mind if they took all the way until late Q4 to get it right, optimized n stuff, Some of you fellow games may be a little young to remember, but when FSX was released, you pretty much needed a $2000+ system to run it at 30 frames per second and the system requirements on the box would only yield 15-20 frames per second on all the lowest of settings, The listed requirements were supposed to be what the average store bought computer at the time would run comfortably.



And I will finish off my list with a way to save my saved game controller controls, either through a microsoft profile or saved to disk, You guys know the pain you have to go through any time you reset your computer and have to set up your flight stick or yoke and throttle..

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I'm excited but a bit skeptical.


Me and MS flight sim go back to the very first one and playing it on my green screen pc.  There were no shortcuts.  IT WAS A SIM!  I used to spend all the real time hours flying from Philadelphia to San Fran or Oakland...usually crashing midway when having to land for fuel.


The sim only got better.  Eventual they added slew(or whatever it was called) where you could kind of fast forward time but not crash.  The simple vector geometry turned into a 3d map.


Then it got associated with the 9/11 attacks and went away.



If they release this as a real flight sim it better be keyboard only for the xbox release.   You can't have a true flight sim input be a console controller. :)

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Posted (edited)
On 7/29/2019 at 3:21 PM, Straypuft said:

A release date that is not set in stone

It's not set in stone: It will "eventually" come to XBox. In other words, they will charge people to beta test their software for them on the PC, finish development, and then release to console. 🙂


This isn't pessimism, it's realism. There is no legitimate reason to expect this to be anything but conceived and designed for console hardware, and for the sensibilities of the console market. If it were a PC game/sim, it wouldn't run on current consoles without being significantly scaled back, and if it were a console game/sim, there would be parity as usual.



EDIT: I just watched the video. At 1:09 - 1:11 you can see vehicles traveling on the sidewalk, moving through each other at the intersection, flying through the air, and moving through buildings and directly over cars in a parking lot. 🤣


It is a flight simulator and not an automobile simulator, so I suppose some slack must be cut. Clearly though, a lot of work is to be done in order to combine pathing and the simulation of vehicular traffic with the satellite information they're using. As of now, there is apparently no simulation at all--just an animation which is very approximately overlaid onto the imagery.

Edited by Dryspace

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I just hope they don’t DLC ittodeath like Dovetail did when they “rebooted” MFSX

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Has anyone mentioned "Microsoft Flight"? That was a pile of brown.

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On 8/20/2019 at 12:09 PM, Dryspace said:

Has anyone mentioned "Microsoft Flight"? That was a pile of brown.

Well considered this is being produced by Microsoft and Microsoft is the orginial creators of MFSX it's relevent


I'm not talking about Microsoft Flight but rather MFSX


Actually MFSX was quite decent while it was still in the hands of Microsoft and they had total control over the game and had huge plans for expansions until they decided to shut down all maintenance of it in favor of starting a brand new Flight Simulator which you mentioned Microsoft Flight which had intentional but then Microsoft decided to just shut down the whole franchise all together and then MSFX was bought and "rebooted" by Dovetail whom added content to the revised game but nickle and dimed MFSX loyal fan base such as myself by putting every single thing behind a pay wall while adding no actual new free content which and i'm not kidding $5,228.26 if you would to buy all of the DLCs for the game and I don't think there is any other game other than maybe CS:GO that is so greedy that they'd put everything they released behind a paywall.


Hell even greedy as f*ck R* provides free DLCs, I know Dovetail doesn't compare to a billion dollar company but to not give their loyal customers a free DLC every now and then but instead put everything behind a pay wall is down right greedy


Then Dovetail decided to do their own spin-off Flight Sim with FSW (Flight Sim World) which was a major flop because once again they put money over loyal customers with everything behind a paywall and only giving players who paid for the actual game mind you two or three crappy planes.


At least with MFSX you can modify the hell out of the game and make it beautiful and awesome without spending a dime and to be honest I don't think MFSX would've survived Dovetails reboot without the allowing of modification 


I still enjoy playing MFSX as I like the challenging missions as well as doing real flights

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first argument 4k real time. yeah i absolutely see a flight simulator fully modded going fine on 4k

i'm fed up with these strategies who let the companies think they just have to give an erection to teenagers to sell games

i'm fine with X-plane personnally

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