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GTA6 Logo Ideas


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Edited by XXVIII
I added an additional conceptual logo, a la Pricedown.
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24 minutes ago, Tengerecki said:



Ok idk how to post pictures -.-

Just paste the link... that's all. There's a little text popup underneith that says " (i) Your link has been automatically embedded.   Display as a link instead" Just make sure you don't click that


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Edited by XXVIII
Minor deletion.
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The following conceptual emblems and their subsequent presentations are assuming that the next installment aligns with an experience that is conducive to indelibly, gritty realism. So much that under the guise of the Orwellian scare, Olympus is succumbing to Pandora’s will and faltering because of a reality that has been galvanized by political fiascos and a society that has been rendered inebriated by the intoxicant of a deepening carnage. However..., not by way of the parody toolset and in-game entities, but authentic entities, agencies and bureaucracies: the actual federal government, FBI, FDA, CIA, NSA, ICE, et cetera. Nonlinear mission structure whereby you must approach, undertake and diffuse real world scenarios; shootings/school shootings, surviving hostage situations, honoring your obligation to reimburse loan sharks, and much deeper missions in scope. 


Within these emblems, the visible date and profanity of which is purely demonstrative, I punctuate on the principle that is driving my vision of idealism for Rockstar Games’ new solo: realism. Unabashed realism running around a dynamically-executed open-world that is a beautiful disaster by design, all the while something more precious in the way of assets seeks to run down their legacies in cities reaching their hands out with opportunity ambition: children. Little ones rising every day, accompanied or even unaccompanied by parents or guardians at bus stops pushing themselves to assimilate a dark reality, all the while lookers and thieves salt the wounded cities and settle for the gangsta’s paradise.


With this game, Rockstar Games would drive one message throughout the entirety of the experience that would hit the player every time he/she launched his/her PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, or personal computer: ‘we’ve given you Next-Gen; you aren’t in the 3-Dimensional Universe, anymore. We’ve given you a world and the key with which to unlock historic immersion and ambition in a world that’s your simulated reality. You can love it or be damned by it. When you first meet eyes with this experience, not only will you will never be able to unsee it, but you will develop a moral compass for the presence of children alone. You will also see that the NPCs are not pixels, but real life in motion.’ 


With these conceptual logos, I attempt to visually convey what the heart of a true Next-Generation Grand Theft Auto experience would encompass with realism harnesses as a pivotal part of the developer toolkit. 🙂                    












Edited by XXVIII
I added additional images.
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This real world screenshot of a Lay’s potato chip bag, accompanied by my conceptual GRAND THEFT AUTO: Carcer City emblem, is assuming that this new experience will showcase licensed brands, which could in turn be purchased at licensed retailers (i.e., Walmart and Target). Which, would be really amazing. 🙂  



Edited by XXVIII
Removal of leftover BB Code.
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On 7/31/2019 at 6:21 AM, squeezx said:

Haha wild dude. 

Thank you. 🙂



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  • 3 weeks later...
23 minutes ago, Masny said:


This is the first time I see that this could be a plausible real title logo. Simple. Identifiable. Elegant. Good works!

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1 hour ago, José_Sócrates said:







It would be hilarious if become reallity  : D

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