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XBox Race night: Playlist of custom made races


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If anyone is ever interested in a night of racing, I've got a playlist set up of 15 tracks that I've made over years. Their mostly street races with a few "Stunt" tracks (but only because I had to use stunt track pieces, it's none of that loop-the-loop and transform stuff), takes about an hour to run through them (thanks to load times, etc). Most are default Super class but all of them were made to allow any class to race them (though some require certain classes due to the obstacles and layouts). Only one or two are actual lap races, all the others are point to point. It would be nice to get a decent lobby of people that just like the thrill and challenge of racing and aren't overly serious about winning every single time and aggressively shove others out of the way (what usually happens in the hotring series).


Just let me know if anyone wants to take a night and run through them. Either PM here or send me an xbox message: GT is KiethBlackLion

Edited by Kiethblacklion
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I know bumping up threads is frowned upon, but I'm replying to this one because I didn't think it would be nice to create a duplicate thread.

This Friday night, around 9 pm eastern time, I'll be loading up my custom race playlist. If anyone is interested in running it with me (about 15 tracks, mix of street and stunt/obstacle), just let me know so I can send you an invite. I'll be in GTA around 8:30 pm eastern to start up an invite only session.

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Hi, I have a question, is this a Xbox 360 roleplay server if so how do I join this would be my very first time I would play in a online roleplay server

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