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Most underrated song from the radio stations (GTA IV & EFLC)

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Posted (edited)

Post songs from any radio station from the games that you felt were slept on/didn't get as much love as they deserved. Do specify if they are from the vanilla or EFLC.


I'll start



Lonnie Liston Smith - A Chance For Peace

This track just screams gritty 70s NY and is just fantastic for cruising slowly around the city during the sunset. It also gives off a really cool Driver Parallel Lines vibe tbh. Expansions from Vice City (also in Driver) was great too.


K109 (Vanilla)

Electrik Funk - On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)

This track was actually sampled in a Chemical Brothers song, and honestly it took me quite some time to find out. The guys at Rockstar really know their rare cuts. Too bad this one is barely talked about, I'm guessing it's because most folks don't catch the nuances of this track without headphones on.


Vice City FM

Since it's one of the largest stations in the game, there's bound to be plenty of gems in this one.


Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

This track very, very rarely turns up in the game for me, and when it does I don't switch stations at all until the song is done. The track gives off a really whimsical, Mario Kart-ish vibe (probably because of the synths) which is perfect for either cruising around or car chases. Too bad it got removed in the update.


Mai Tai - History

Another track that has unfortunately been removed. This song encapsulates the entire vibe of the station really well.



Prefab Sprout - When Love Breaks Down

Another track that rarely plays for me. It's a really underrated love ballad that wouldn't seem too out of place on Emotion. Thankfully this wasn't removed.

Edited by DownInTheHole

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Posted (edited)

Those are great picks for VCFM. Sadly, most of my favorites were cut after the update. It's definitely one of the stations that got butchered the most, aside from vanilla Vladivostok FM.


The Journey (GTA IV):


Tangerine Dream - Remote Viewing 




The Journey is of course my favorite station in IV; it fits the game's atmosphere perfectly. While the station as a whole is well-regarded, Remote Viewing doesn't seem to get brought up very often. I love the song's mood, especially the dark and unsettling ~2 minute intro (that was sadly omitted from the game). I can see why R* brought in Tangerine Dream to work on V's score. Here's hoping the group returns for GTA VI, whether it's to compose the score again (although the late Edgar Froese will be deeply missed) or simply to feature their music on the radio, depending on the setting and time period.


Vladivostok FM (EFLC):


Michael Gray - The Weekend



StoneBridge feat. Therese - Put 'Em High (JJ's Club Mix)





The EFLC version of Vladivostok FM understandably gets a lot a lot of flak for the genre shift from Russian pop/rock/hip-hop to house music, to the point where this change can overshadow the actual content of the station for many. Once you get past that, however, it's not a bad tracklist (assuming you're into house); I'd go as far to say it's my favorite electronic station in the franchise. The Weekend and Put 'Em High in particular are a lot of fun to listen to. 


Edited by CartmanKusanagi

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I was never into punk, but I always loved this song in GTA IV.



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I discovered this song from GTA IV and it became one of the my favorite songs.



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Posted (edited)

Part 2 because why not


The Vibe 98.8

Being a really big Soul and R&B fan myself I am a big fan of this station, and it does a pretty great job at displaying the quiet storm format (The last station that did this just as well was VCFL in VCS). There's also plenty of tunes that are amazing in their own right that I'd like to talk about.


Dru Hill - In My Bed (So So Def Remix)

This song wouldn't seem too out of place for a show like 'The Wire', or GTA IV for that matter, and it's perfect for the run-down, gritty urban landscape of Liberty City, with it's New Jack Swing-ish drums and deep bass. I also heard this song in a Foot Locker once.

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

One of Marvin Gaye's best and serious tracks about economic depression and segregation that's featured in a playlist comprising mostly of songs about lovemaking. The grim atmosphere of the game would not have been well-established without this track. It's a shame they cut out the outro though.


Mtume - C.O.D. (I'll Deliver)

And finally presenting the only cut track from this station, made by the same folks that gave us 'Juicy Fruit' in Vice City. When people think of slow jams from The Vibe they'd usually think 'Daylight', 'Freek'n You', 'Inside My Love' or 'Because Of You', and not usually this track or 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody'. For a track that is a somewhat rare 80s quiet storm staple, there is an aura of somberness that seems to fill this track (perfectly complemented by Tawatha Agee's vocals), which parallels Niko's backstory.


Radio Broker (EFLC)

If I could, I would put the entire playlist for this rendition of Radio Broker on this list. It is a vastly superior version to the original, despite having less tracks, and it''s filled with much more abrasive and badass songs that wouldn't seem out of place in a Midnight Club game. Hell, I'd probably trade in Radio Mirror Park's playlist for this one, given how arcade-y GTA V's driving was. One of the most underrated stations in the series that is almost completely overshadowed by its vanilla playlist.


Kill Memory Crash - Hell On Wheels

One of the only few industrial tracks in the series (other than that Nitzer Ebb song in vanilla Electro-Choc, 'High Pressure Dave' in RMP and 'Personal Jesus' in Radio X) and one of the standouts in this station. I think it was also cut from Midnight Club: LA's South Central DLC. A lot of people think it sounds repetitive but I think that's where the beauty of the song is.


Japanther - Radical Businessman (feat. MC Spank)

Nothing like a song that explicitly expresses its disdain towards law enforcement, and obviously we're not talking about N.W.A. here. This song has singlehandedly led to several traffic explosions and high-speed car chases during my time in this game.


Game Rebellion - Dance Girl (GTA Mix)

Nice rap rock track that doesn't get much love imo. The dichotomy between the two genres work relatively well in tandem, which is something that most songs in this genre do poorly.


Kreeps - The Hunger (Blood In My Mouth)

VBR wasn't the first garage rock station in the series, and Bad Voodoo definitely wasn't Dom Kreep's first song in a R* game. This song is a testament to that and it does a great job at creating a grimy Planet Terror-esque exploitation feel that TLAD takes inspiration from.


Adam Freeland - Borderline (feat. Spinnerette)

Hands down best track on the station and in TLAD imo. It was also in Forza I think. It's a pretty emotional-sounding dancepunk track that goes well with the tragic breakdown of the Lost MC Chapter in the game. And if you're lucky it plays when you're saving Ashley in 'Coming Down'. The break towards the end of the track will never not give me the chills. 

Edited by DownInTheHole

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