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New Car from Casino Update


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So day one I won the car from the spin, right? I make sure to put it in my garage and checked to make sure it was fully insured (it comes with it so yes) then I spawn into a server today, drive out, instantly get blown up by someone using a jetpack with lock on rocket launchers, get disconnected, reconnect to another server, and I can't call Mors for the car, Mors works if I call for my other vehicle if it gets destroyed, but not this new beauty. Any help would be much appreciated! (I've also checked the Mechanic to see if it just wasn't showing up in my garage, no dice... pardon the bad joke)
Proof that I own the car. (the car disappears from the showcase once you've won it)

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This is (sadly) a common bug it seems, I hope Rockstar fixes it tomorrow as quick as they've fixed the Godmode thing. 
Sadly, you're sh*t out of luck at the moment. I would put in a support request at https://support.rockstargames.com/ and tell them so it's at least logged that you've made the report, and hopefully you can be compensated somehow. 

Maybe Rockstar will pull a "Forza Mosler glitch" and just gift the car(s) free to everyone who played this week, with proper insurance, when it's fixed. It's a nice thought. Probably won't happen. 

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I'm having the exact same issue. Got the Thrax first try and somewhat fully upgraded it yesterday. Today, the car got impounded, I took it back and another player destroyed it and now it's gone. I can't call Mors and it isn't in any of my garages. I'm gonna file a rockstar support ticket and hopefully they are going to do something about it.

Edited by Justin-Pk
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