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Black Tusk MC


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Black Tusk MC is recruiting. Out of the ashes of a R* featured MC comes the beginning of a new and unique era. We are looking for members who wish to become table members or people who are content just being a member of the pack. Superior shooters or superior human shields. 


Members are expected to be active the best they can and have good communication skills. We are looking for mature players that don’t mind being immature in the right situation. Maturity doesn’t equate to age, but you will have to earn your way in. We are 1% and open weapon wheel is never an option in public lobbies. We are a Free Aim only MC. While being proficient in Free Aim is not a requirement, the setting is. 


Anyone who is interested or has any questions, can DM me or reply here. We do use Discord, so that will be a requirement to our MC. 



Edited by Ryuscus
Added link to social club
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We currently are looking at multiple opportunities to join. We are looking for shooters to establish a very well enforcement program. We are looking for eventers to establish a community presence with car shows, rides, and other organized activities. Finally, we are looking to provide an opportunity for our brethren from the UK/Europe to find themselves a home. 


If interested, feel free to reach out. I generally check here multiple times per day. 

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My name is Steve (Gta Name Shooter) (GamerTag:Dr Dragon XX) I'm looking for a loyal team I can build and be in business with and from the looks of it it seems I'm in the right spot 

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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Black Tusks are a group of some awesome mature guys that i’ve known for quite a while, good luck men.

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