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Professional and legit Discord PS4 Roleplay Community


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Welcome to Los Santos Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Who are we and what are we about? 

We are a professional multi-platform GTA V role playing community featuring  FiveM, PS4, XBOX1 and LSPDFR. We want you to have the best experience possible and make friends in the process. Our staff and director teams are very experienced in their positions, ranging from years of back end management of large communities up to real life operations and practice. We guarantee you will call us home. 


Currently we are small although growing quickly. We play in invite only sessions, multiple times a day for hours, everyday of the week. Our rules and regulations are made so that everyone can enjoy with the highest realism possible. We are currently looking for FiveM server developers and FiveM staff. We are trying to  grow our PS4 community looking to fill all departments. For police we offer BCSO, LSPD, and SAHP along with an air unit, under-covers, SWAT and more. Our Fire Rescue/EMS offers fire rescue positions, EMT/Paramedics and Search and Rescue. For civilians we want only legit, rule following members, we aren't super strict on what you can and can't use although we have made the rules so that you can still have fun!  We are looking for full time dispatchers which is a position that offers HUGE benefits. We are a extremely mature community looking for the best, and if you have no experience we will train you! We look forward to playing with you. To apply please go to https://wickzed.wixsite.com/lsdfes MUST BE 15+

Edited by wickzed
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