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What are you getting on the Lucky Wheel?


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Ended up with $50,000 on the first try.


Ended up buying the Thrax rather than hope RnG is on my side. And if I manage to get it, then ah, well. At least I get 2 Thraxes instead. :V

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So many new cars, but i cant buy the, because i could win them


I got the clothes 

Edited by -Travis+Bickle-
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Instead of closing the app I'm rebooting the router and getting back to invite only session, I think it's faster than closing the app and opening again.


Edit: Even better, on PS4 you may have the "test connection" on network settings open and as soon the wheel stops spinning you press the PSN button twice to switch to that page and test connection which happens to drop PSN connection instantly.

Edited by CH14R1
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I got 10k RP :bored: Damn even those 20k cash would have been better for me, after level 120 all RP is pretty much useless as far as I'm concerned.

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12 minutes ago, Gamer Pradosh said:

When does the day end? To go at the wheel once again..

I think its in real life time.. though I'm not certain. 

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I got the Thrax on the first spin :D Didn't have a super car before, I had to sell them at different points in time to afford other updates.. Soo, I'm super happy with that! :)

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