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Pegassi Zorusso Appreciation Thread


Recommended Posts

2 minutes ago, AUScowboy said:

Does this car have liveries? The previews on youtube don't show any but I've seen a few pics with it having a livery.

yes this car has liveries

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1 hour ago, Standard Deluxe 59 said:

I was almost tempted to sell my Tempesta for this, but that shnozz will keep me from buying this.

you can plug the nose intakes

Edited by TheBricktop
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Let's go BayStars!



That is supposed to be chrome blue with the Flow Racing livery, which has the most teal. This is a reference to the team's jerseys.



I chose yellow as the secondary color because yellow is a secondary color in the team's logos.




And here is my Zurrosso's theme song, in keeping with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars theme.


Edited by Giantsgiants
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3 minutes ago, Scottiedog123 said:

How's the driving experience?

It's okay. It's got some acceleration but I just don't see it in the same league as the Emerus and Krieger when it comes to racing performance.

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I don't think it'll be as slow as we thought. Top speed wise, yeah its not great but I've gotten it around the course faster than a visione, but the weird thing is, it felt really slow. Its not exactly easy to throw around either. I think it has very eager steering, not too sensitive or slow. But, after that great initial turn in, it suffers from mid corner understeer. It doesn't like bumps and can wash out pretty easily. Its rwd and doesn't really accelerate that fast. Idk, it's a weird car tbh. It basically feels like a Autarch but slightly worse.


I'm gonna guess it'll place around the visione.


Edited by HamwithCheese
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Hmmm.. hate being in work when a car (that I want) drops, .. trying to feel it out and I'm 6/7 hours away. 


What's the sound like?

Do we have something a bit new?.. like they have been tinkering with some of the other new additions. 


I was planning 2, but I'm considering 3, if it feels exciting to drive and I can't see too many issues (the usual stuff) with this one.

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^Yes, but it unfortunately gets distorted. Especially on the rear (engine cover) by the carbon parts. The front looks ok though. At least with the clean hood.

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I really like the car, but some aspects of it really rub me the wrong way. Like, why is there not an option for carbon mirrors? There's ALWAYS an option for carbon mirrors, but not for this car!? 


My car is blue with a red secondary (to get that sweet red engine), and the blue pearl bleeds into the mirrors, which really annoys me. Also, why do the rims get painted with secondary instead of rim color? 


Ideally my car would be blue with the Tricolore livery, carbon mirrors, red engine and black stock wheels, but no, impossible.


Still like my spec as it is, but being able to make the mirrors carbon would already make a HUGE difference. Changing the secondary into the same as the primary would solve the bleeding, but then the car and engine both being primary would look dumb, not to mention the stock rims matching as well. Ugh.

Edited by Jusa93
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1 hour ago, Angry Akula said:

There are bicycles out there with fatter tires...



Oooh.. Schlagen syndrome strikes again!

Wouldn't mind the fronts so much as long as the rears are fat... (Hunts through pictures)


Yeah that's pretty ridiculous looking at it.. 

Maybe they were having clipping issues..😉

Edited by Scottiedog123
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