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A Tale of the Ghosts [Mission-Pack] - Episode 2 Available

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From the creator of Ghost Ship: REMASTERED, Dillimore Curse and The Survivors series


leoncj Presents


(Logo created since 23/07/2019)


Continues the story of Ghost Ship.

When I finished and improved a bit the story of Ghost Ship with releasing the remastered version 8 years later, I've decided

to continue the story about the book - A Tale of the Ghosts, so this kinda does feel like a Ghost Ship 2, but it's a whole new mission-pack.


A Tale of the Ghosts is an episodic mission-pack.

You take control of two main protagonists who end up being haunted by the ghost book.
James Collin, a guy who was at the wrong place in the wrong time and Tara White, the daughter of Chris and Alessa Whites.


Different characters provide different survival tactics and skills.

At certain points, you will have to choose who you want to play as.


Bringing back some of the aspects and gameplay from my very old mission-pack series, like The Survivors, where you always have a companion ally who has their own skills

and how each character the player plays as also has their own specialty, like different weapons and health.

MA09ZLh.png Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! MA09ZLh.png





(click the image to download the missions)


24 years later after the tragic incident of Ghost Ship in San Fierro.

After the mysterious death of Chris White, Alessa White, the mother of Tara White was sent to an asylum by the authorities due to her "crazy" story

of how her husband was torn to pieces by the ghosts from the ghost world.

Their daughter, Tara White, who recently got practice work in the Ocean Docks, Los Santos continues with her life, but soon finds out

that her parents past has come to haunt her. Struggling with nightmares about ghosts, evil spirits and one particular female ghost, she tries to ignore it all and live on.

Meanwhile, an interesting shipment arrived to the docks where James Collin works his late night shift in the warehouse.

A Tale of the Ghosts - a mysterious non-English book bought by a huge VIP of Los Santos that causes weird appearances of odd things.


Soon Tara and James will have to fight together with the demons from the other world and put a stop to the book for once and for all.





Playable Characters


James Collin (Coming Soon)

Type: Protagonist

Main Weapon: Shotgun

Health: 150

*James Collin works at the Ocean Docks warehouse, making sure all the shipments are delivered, soon he finds himself as a victim to the haunting of the book.


Tara White (Coming Soon)

Type: Protagonist

Main Weapon: Desert Eagle

Health: 100

*Tara White, the daughter of Chris and Alessa Whites, got practice work at the Ocean Docks, ship engineer. She was haunted by the book since she was a child and used to get nightmares.

Non-Playable Characters


(More characters will be added as the story progresses)


Harry (Coming Soon)

Type: Side Character

*Harry works at the Ocean Docks warehouse with his colleague James and Tommy. Harry thinks he's a comedian and can do whatever he wants without getting any consequences.

Tommy (from warehouse 3) (Coming Soon)

Type: Side Character

*Tommy works at the Ocean Docks warehouse with his colleague James and Harry.

Miranda (Coming Soon)

Type: Side Character

*Miranda is James' sister who lives in San Fierro.

Mr. Elliot Woods (Coming Soon)

Type: Side Character

*Elliot Woods is a big millionaire collector in Los Santos who buys and collects all of the unique and antique items and objects throughout San Andreas. He bought the book "A Tale of the Ghosts" in the auction after Chris White's death and has put it in his special collection for show. He knows that the book has a lot of secrets and is somewhat special.



  • New players can enjoy this story without playing Ghost Ship: Remastered, but it is recommended.
  • Very highly recommended to play with added sounds, be sure to download the SD files.
  • Recommended not to use any kind of mods or health cheats.
  • Recommend only to use the PROFESSIONALKILLER cheatcode.
  • Recommended to play with headphones on.
  • Recommended to play with the DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ





Tara White begins her day with another nightmare, the very same nightmare she used to have during her childhood. She's been having this nightmare for weeks now.

Meanwhile, James Collin begins his day working his shift at the Ocean Docks Warehouse where they receive a very mysterious shipment.




Episode 1 Official Trailer



After surviving the unexpected nightmare, Tara White and James Collin plan what to do next. Is it too late to save your loved ones and is it a good idea to be out there alone?




Episode 2 Official Trailer



During the opening hours of Elliot Wood's exhibition, Tara White and James Collin plan to pull a quick heist and steal the book. But they will have to decide who's plan to take.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



Tara White has to do everything she can to rescue her partner and grab the book along the way.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



Entering the world of the ghosts is more terrifying than ever, but Tara White and James Collin will have to work together and survive.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



After the mysterious disappearance of Her and Him and the book, Tara White decides it's time to visit her mother at the Asylum, James Collin helps her out.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



Learning the truth was difficult for Tara White, but together with James Collin - they pack up and head for the city where it all began - San Fierro.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



The journey has come to an end, Tara White has to decide who she really is and decide the fate of A Tale of the Ghosts book and end the nightmare once and for all.

James Collin, will have to push his own limits and decide whether to trust Her, or not.


(promotional image) + (audio files)

(Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)



Throughout your journey in the episode mission-pack A Tale of the Ghosts, you will notice odd things!

These are Easter-Eggs! Try and find them all! The good ol' green goo's are back and there will be many more other easter eggs.


Green Goo's


3 - in the mission Ordinary Day

2 - in the mission Something's Not Right Here



3 - in the mission Cafeteria



? - in the mission ?

? - in the mission ?




Silent Hill 3 Intro - in the mission Cafeteria

(The first mission starts almost the same way like in Silent Hill 3 - Tara waking up in an empty cafe and exploring the mall.)

James Barretta - in the mission Cafeteria

(A mall security guard's name is a reference to Cold Year - From Zero to Hero by Doublepulse, the main protagonist)

Lithuania 🇱🇹 - in the mission Big Man in a Big House

(Some of the cars in the parking lot represent the flag of Lithuania, a note that leoncj is Lithuanian.)

Other DYOM Mission-Packs - in the mission Big Man in a Big House

(The collection consists a lot of references to other designer's mission-packs, such as "Sweep Diamond" - the diamond from Sweep Squad by jimmy_leppard, a bomb with a clock called "Time Zero" - the title of THBP's Episode 1 of Dark Instinct, boxes of 24 limited edition magazines of "What Does Pain Mean by R.R." - reference of What Pain Means by RithRake24 and "13th Universe Targeted Map" - a reference to Target13's Universe)






  • 23 Jul 2019 - Topic created, story written, episode 1 in development.
    • Episode 1 will have "Ordinary Day" "Something's Not Right Here" and "It Got Personal" missions
  • 08 Aug 2019 - Episode 1 still in development.
    • Mission "Ordinary Day" almost complete with over 60 objectives, but lots of bugs and glitches needed to be fixed.
      • Worked a lot on the environment, making the warehouse look like a real shipping company.
  • 01 Sept 2019 - Episode 1 is close to the finish line.
    • Mission "Ordinary Day" was finally fixed.
    • Mission "Something's Not Right Here" and "It Got Personal" are almost done.
  • 03 Sept 2019 - Episode 1 RELEASED, promotional banners created, trailer uploaded
  • 08 Sept 2019 - Information about Episode 2 added.
  • 24 Sept 2019 - A new type of Easter Egg has been added! - References
    • Episode 2 is in development, Characters has been updated.
  • 09 Oct 2019 - More Easter Egg information added, after a long break - development coming to an end, new character information added.
    • Mission "Don't Go Alone" was a struggle to make, very buggy and still buggy, non-fixable. The object turn invisible when inside the train station.
      • Had to cut out most of the gameplay inside the train tunnel due to the bugs.
  • 09 Oct 2019 - Episode 2 RELEASED, promotional banners created, trailer uploaded.
  • 10 Oct 2019 - Episode information added, the mission-pack will have a total of 8 episodes. All plots have been added.




If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above!



Support my work by checking these links out



Edited by leoncj
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Now that's what I'm talking about. :cool:

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It's gonna be awesome. Waiting for your missions leon!


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Waiting for more of this sh*t!!!!


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Death Row Gaming

LnD bringing the goods 😎 Feedback coming asap my bro 🤙🏽 Give this a jam definitely.

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it's poundcake time

damn. this was good for a sequel.


alright, what i've gotta say is an semi-advice as well. i have played those missions a long time ago, even before starting to play Ghost Ship.

so we get introduced with two protagonists - a guy who works in Ocean Docks and has care about his job. he's trying to ensure that the shipments are delivered. boy, he looks tough already from the start.

as this is a sequel, it's already understandable why "A Tale Of The Ghosts" book exist for a reason; it possesses supernatural powers and haunts the victims. it includes sense of symbolism here, i don't know if you did this on purpose but;

i would theorize that "A Tale Of The Ghosts" book is written by an evil spirit, presumably as to include sense that it's got supernatural powers - or it could be someone had been affected by hallucinations and psychological issues,

writes about his "unseen" reality in the book; then the "unseen" becomes a reality, where it affects the people who read it/stole it or in some other way. James encounters such things - he fights the evil and his hallucinations are becoming a reality.


let's talk about Tara, a girl whom is the daughter of Chris and Alessa White. the intro was already recognized as you got the inspiration from my favorite game - Silent Hill. she wakes up in a mall after an weird nightmare, same as Heather Mason.

Tara looks like a late teenage girl whom is only entering adulthood, but what i could include in this is to make symbolism about her. did she take it from her father? her mother is an asylum as mentioned (could be inspired from Silent Hill: Origins,

due to Travis' mother remaining in an asylum and considered her child as a demon) and it ACTUALLY shows the same here.


let's explain this - Tara is also affected by the book, with her hallucinations - as the game's script, if you know how to shoot and aim properly you'll get my point. Alessa (Tara's mother) could be affected by early pregnancy years, but this is set 24 years later.; Tara would have been born after the killing of Albert Wayne, so Tara is entering early adulthood years. (20-30 years of age) and would probably begin to understand what's affecting her. seemingly as from my perspective, Tara could be the reincarnation of her mother (this is uncommon) as they both knew how to shoot, are an assistant (Alessa is an assistant to Chris, Tara is an assistant to James); that's what i've got to say - yes, it may be short but what i suggest for you is to do this:

  • involve more symbolism and the backstory of the both protagonists,
  • get the player to do an explainable puzzle (at least one) and reference the book, like its words are becoming a reality (you could add some way of literature)

 you could basically test the player's intelligence by simply explaining a puzzle in some sort of an understandable way. i'm waiting for more missions, since this one seems a very good sequel.


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