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[SnP] Vertical Bird [V2]


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I have been stuck on this mission for quite some time now. I am rather bad at flying and end up crashing the hydra anytime i use it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
save file: https://gtasnp.com/Co0npA
thank you!

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I just completed Vertical Bird and what you do is this:

-It's completely your choice if you want to do it with stealth or loud

-Disable the SAM turret thing

-Destroy all the jets located at your sides and wait for a jet in front of you

-Kill the person that comes out of the jet and get in it

- Fly at the boats and don't worry about the 1 jet pursuing you

-Use the helicopter hover mode that way you can control the jet like a helicopter

-Try to go fast but not too fast.

-Then lock on the targets with holding down spacebar then left mouse click and wait for the boat to get destroyed

-Do that to the other boats and boom


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For some obscure reason I can't aim with the hydra, it must be some bug caused by some mod, but I have tested several and haven't found the culprit.


Is there any way to complete the mission without using cheats and without having to use the Hydra to aim at the enemy jets?

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1 hour ago, HenriqueV5 said:

Is there any way to complete the mission without using cheats and without having to use the Hydra to aim at the enemy jets?




These must be the default controls.. You may check it from here..


Actually there is a "Speedrunner Way" to bypass this issue... All you have to do (WAS NOT FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN OFFCOURSE) is push the parking hydra (inside) to the back side of the platform, (don't forget to kill uncle sam) wait for enemy hydra to land and destroy both of them with any way you can do.. after that use the last hydra, take off, fly your jet under the legs of Carver Bridge and look for the last enemy jet if it's crashed.. You can also land on anywhere (Between bridge and pier seems ok) and take all of them out (Along with Spy Boats) with Minigun or Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher.. 


By the way.. there is a rocket launcher between two gas tanks at San Fierro Airport there is also a minigun on the railbridge (close to SF).. After car driving cutscene head through the airport with your boat (NRG500 spot is really convenient but you need to make sure that you are not triggering the next cutscene) grab one of these guns with airport maverick and trigger the following cutscene by flying back side of warship..😉

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3 hours ago, ArmanCan said:




Estes devem ser os controles padrão.. Você pode conferir daqui..


Na verdade, existe uma "Via do Speedrunner" para contornar esse problema... Tudo o que você precisa fazer ( NÃO SEGUIU O FARO DE COMBOIO DE MAMN ) é empurrar a hidra de estacionamento ( dentro ) para o lado traseiro da plataforma, ( não se esqueça de matar o tio sam ) espere a hidra inimiga pousar e destrua os dois de qualquer maneira que você possa fazer .. depois disso, use a última hidra, decole, voe com o jato sob as pernas da Carver Bridge e procure o último jato inimigo se ele cair.. Você também pode pousar em qualquer lugar ( Entre ponte e píer parece ok ) e tirar todos eles ( Juntamente com os barcos espiões ) com Minigun ou o lançamento de foguetes que buscam calor.. 

I did it!
I picked up a heat-guided rocket launcher at the San Fierro airport, then took the Hydra along the path you mentioned and automatically 1 enemy Hydra was already destroyed, then I landed it in a safe place and shot down the enemies with the rocket.

Thank you!

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