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Do you like to collect records?

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If so, why don't you share information about your collection? Personally, I love collecting music. I own albums from The Who, Black Sabbath, The Byrds, David Bowie, Warpaint, The Move, The Velvet Underground, Genesis, Miles Davis, etc. I can't make a list of each one because it would be too long, but these are some examples. Now it's your turn.

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I had a big collection of LPs and cassettes many years ago but I changed to CDs to reduce space and be more selective instead of buying everything (singles, EP, albums, etc) of every band.

I own mostly metal albums and I like collecting old CDs versions and new versions for bonus tracks and rare stuff.


These are some:




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Wow. I'm not a big metal fan, but I also have records from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica and Megadeth. Also, I don't like to collect ALL of my favourite artists's output. Only the essentials (there are exceptions, of course, but these exceptions are the "minor but acceptable" records from said artists).

Edited by Motorik

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Vega LVI

I own a small collection of Rolling Stones vinyls that I’m aiming to expand by the end of summer. I only have six records at the moment—Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, and Sticky Fingers (courtesy of my brother), as well as Their Satanic Majesties Request, Exile on Main St., and Some Girls (purchased myself)—but I’ll be going away to Pennsylvania next week (coincidentally to see the Stones in concert), so I’ll try to pick up four or five more from a record shop I frequent whenever I’m in Philly.


Here’s a post I made a few weeks ago that contains photos of the three records I bought. I can post better ones once I find the time to properly display the entire collection in my apartment.


Edited by Vega LVI
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I have a select few of my favourites on vinyl when available. I don't play them, but I enjoy having this massive example of album art to represent my taste and they're nice to own. I also collect 78RPM records from the 20s and 30s.

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mr quick

I have a ton at my parents' house in my old bedroom, saving it for when I get a bigger place. I have mostly just stuff I like, but I also have original pressings of every Beatles record and a lot of stones++ all that stuff, my dad having brought it over when he moved to here in the 80s. I also get some of my more obscure favorites on vinyl because they may some day become unavailable on streaming services - this was the case with early Pat Metheny/PMG material, which was not available online until recently, so I got it all on vinyl. I still use my turntable from time to time when I visit, because I really like the ritualistic nature of it. No skipping, and maybe a more attentive listening experience because of the comparative effort required... 

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I've been collecting music for years. Mostly CDs, though I'll occasionally get an album I really like on vinyl or whatever format I happen to find it on. I also have a modest collection on cassette, though they're mostly releases I haven't found on any other formats, like live recordings of contemporary bluegrass and some classical. I find CDs to be more economical, and they're much more ubiquitous. I've ripped almost all of my hundreds of CDs I've acquired over the years to flac, and the whole metadata/tagging aspect is really enjoyable for me, I don't know why. I've also contributed my fair share of album cover scans when I couldn't find any online. It's probably leftover from my time volunteering at a library! I do the same with many of the books I own, cataloguing them and putting them into an offline database that I have complete control over, sometimes scanning book covers as well.


Sometimes I'll buy an album again on another format/the same format. There can be variants in the track listing, an album cover variant, or the mixing - this is particularly noticeable with albums released and mixed in the earliest days of CDs, versus a modern re-release. I prefer to get older releases whenever possible as they won't be as squashed and compressed like a lot of "remasters" are mixed today with all of the dynamics stripped out of them.

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Yes I do.

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