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The Lemon Company - GTA5 Crew Recruiting


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The Lemon Company - L3M0 - Social Club Link


Hello Fellow GTA Community,


I am here trying to recruit some members to my new crew, The Lemon Company.

(I am not looking to create a large crew.  I just want a small crew of active members where we all know each other but big enough to fill up an entire lobby by ourselves.)

I am recruiting active members to grind money together for the upcoming new DLC on July 23rd.  I am looking for active members that are friendly, mature, and generally gets along with anyone.  I want a small crew that can play together and watch each others backs from griefers.  


I play on PC so you'll also need to be on PC.


If you want a close chill group of friends you can play GTA with, visit the social club link provided above or below and join the crew!



The Lemon Company

The Lemon Company - L3M0 - Social Club Link



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hi im interested in joining i just got  the game for the pc and installing it now

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Hey bud, welcome to GTA.


Ive accepted your request.  Whenever you get online, message me.  Ill help you get started in the game!  

Thanks for checking out The Lemon Company.  I hope to get some play time in with ya soon.




The Lemon Company


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No problem, I will be at work by then.  However, I will be on later tonight so we can get some play time in then.  

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