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How would you rate every GTA game?


Recommended Posts

GTA 1- 2/10

GTA 2- 6/10

III - 8/10

VC - 8.5/10

SA - 9/10

LCS - 7/10

VCS - 7.5/10

IV - 9/10

TLAD - 9/10

TBOGT - 7/10

V - 8.75/10


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I'm sure this is not the first topic of this kind, but here we go:


GTA SA - 10/10

GTA III - 9/10

GTA VC - 7/10

GTA V - 6/10

GTA IV - 4/10

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Grotti Vigilante

Grand Theft Auto III - 7.5/10

  • (somewhat outdated, frustrating missions, poor controls and a few gameplay mechanics by today's standards, simplistic story, but still a fun game that was as revolutionary as it was challenging)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 8.5/10

  • (lovely setting, great protagonist, great story, brilliant atmosphere, phenomenal soundtrack, and introduced great things like bikes, helicopters, planes, asset missions, and property purchases)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 9/10

  • (absolutely rammed with content including three distinct cities, great wilderness in between, new features, great characters (some better than others), great voice cast, good story, and great soundtrack)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - 7/10

  • (one of the more underappreciated titles, had the good old Liberty City tone with improved graphics and good story, but not memorable and had a poorer set of characters, including the least antagonising main antagonist ever)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - 7/10

  • (improves on LCS with a better map, better features and vehicles, still a fantastic 80s soundtrack, but is hurt by the more inconsistent weaker protagonist as well as poorly written main antagonist overshadowed by superior secondary ones)

Grand Theft Auto IV - 8/10

  • (big new step in the series, with a fantastic more mature story, very realistic physics and movements, vast and alive open world, and great new features that make up for the somewhat repetitive missions and useless money system. Gets an additional boost to 8.5/10 when including Episodes from Liberty City DLC, which are an 8/10 each that compliment the base game nicely with good unique stories, protagonist and features of their own)

Grand Theft Auto V - 7.5/10

  • (an ever bigger step in the franchise with a more vast open and alive map, vast abundance of radio stations and vehicles, the best flying physics in the series (yeah, fight me), and some fun varied missions despite being part of a weaker story with weaker protagonist and antagonists, as well as an Online that has absorbed all investment in the game, despite that itself being somewhat still enjoyable)


I have not played the original games enough in recent years to form a solid opinion, and have not ever played Advance. Chinatown Wars seems fun when playing the free iPad demo, but was otherwise too short to get a proper conclusion. Perhaps something to come back to one day. But with all the games I've played, I have listed them above with a few reasons behind them. I personally appreciate the contrasts between all the games which is why the series still has yet to tire me out.

Edited by Grotti Vigilante
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Algonquin Assassin

GTA 1: 6/10. First GTA I played. No doubt by today's standards it's really dated, but still much respect to grandfather of the series.


GTA 2: 6.5. Improved on GTA 1. Like its predecessor it's pretty dated, but the retro futuristic aesthetic is cool.


GTA III: 9/10. Save for some outdated mechanics this is still my third favourite GTA because of the brilliant, haunting atmosphere and the feeling R* captured making Liberty City feel like a crime ridden sh*thole.


Vice City: 9.5/10. Probably the GTA I have the most sentimental attachment to seeing as it's old as me from the story perspective.😉


San Andreas: 5/10. As I've said a number of times the map is the only thing I really like. Other than that it's just average compared to other GTA games deserving of higher scores. More content doesn't = better.


LCS: 7/10. Don't care much for Toni or the story, but when I look at this game how it was originally designed for the PSP it's quite impressive.


VCS: 7/10. Similar as above. Don't care much for Vic or the story, but gameplay elements it introduced like empire building are awesome.


GTA IV: 10/10. Probably not much of a surprise. It's the only GTA worthy of the full 10/10. Dragged the series into the new generation with a fantastic engine, physics, story, the best protagonist R* have written, an impeccable recreation of NYC/NJ, addicting gameplay etc. There are some things here and there that could've been done slightly better, but no doubt this is the best GTA and will likely remain the king for quite some time.


TLAD: 9.5/10: A fantastic companion to GTA IV. Love the biker theme as it feels different compared to the typical mafia/street gang themes of other games and feels right at home alongside its bigger brother.


TBOGT: 8.5/10. Not as good as TLAD and definitely not compared to GTA IV, but it's still a pretty solid game nonetheless. I have to admit the nightclub theme is something I like in isolation.


CTW: 9/10. Doesn't really seem to get the recognition because of its platform, but I had a blast playing it. I like the anime styled presentation and drug dealing is one of the most addicting side missions in the city. Plus as an added benefit it's in the same city as the greatest GTA.


GTA V: 9/10.  Will probably come as a shock, but yeah that's how I honestly rate it. Even though GTAO is trash I don't think GTA V itself deserves to be rated down because of that since GTAO is its own thing. Playing GTA V again recently has really opened my eyes to see what R* created. It's not quite as good as my long time favourites, but it's better than it's given credit for IMO.


I wont rate the London games and GTAA. I only played London 69 for all of about 10 minutes in the late 90s and I've never played 61 or GTAA.

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Some ratings have changed since the last time I rated them:


GTA III - 8.5/10

Vice City - 9.25/10

San Andreas - 9.25/10

Liberty City Stories - 8.5/10

Vice City Stories - 9/10

GTA IV - 9.75/10

The Lost and Damned - 9.5/10

The Ballad of Gay Tony - 8.25/10

GTA V - 8.75/10


I'm obviously rating them based on today's standards. Otherwise, almost every one of them will definitely get around 9 to 10 out of 10. As for TLAD and TBOGT, them being expansion packs is taken into consideration. Otherwise, TLAD would have gotten a slightly lower rating due to the short story, while TBOGT's rating would stay as it is due to the short (and sort of weak) story on a hand, and GTA IV's details as well as physics and controls as advantages on the other hand.

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GTA 1 - 4/10

GTA 2 - 6/10

GTA III - 7.5/10

VC - 9/10

SA - 9/10

Advance - 5/10

LCS - 8/10

VCS - 8.25/10

GTA IV - 9.75/10

TLAD - 9/10

TBOGT - 7.5/10

CTW - 8.75/10

GTA V - 8.75/10


Edited by JPFL
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GTA III - 10

GTA VC - 10

GTA SA - 10


GTA VCS - 10

GTA LCS - Between 7 and 8


GTA IV - Between 7 and 8


GTA V - 7


Top-downs  - Between 6 and 7

Edited by ChengizVlad09
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I will rate within a score of 5, if its fine? 


Gta 2 - 4/5

Gta 3 - 2.5/5

Vice city - 3.5/5

San andreas - 5/5

Gta iv - 2.5/5

Gta v - 2.5/5


Edit - made a correction


Edited by Mr Zedd
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GTA III         9/10


GTA VC       9/10


GTA SA       10/10


GTA IV         9.5/10


TLAD           9/10


TBOGT        8/10


GTA V         7.5/10

Edited by Jabalous
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El Penguin Bobo

EVERY GTA game? Well, I'll just start with the ones I actually played.


GTA 1: 6/10. The game that started it all. But unfortunately, it doesn't hold up today. Try playing it in this year, you'll probably stop playing in like 10 minutes.


GTA 2: 7.5/10. A slightly better version of GTA 1 but it still doesn't hold up a lot.


GTA III: 8/10. The game that revolutionized the sandbox genre. This game is probably the reason why we have GTA clones. It's also the first 3D GTA. It still kinda, sorta, holds up today but if you start playing the newer games first and play this one, you might need to get used to it. (this also the hardest GTA game, at least for me)


GTA VC: 9/10. One of my favorite GTA games. Now, I'm not really a sucker for the 80s theme, but it was just that I had so much memories and fun with this game. Tommy Vercetti is still, in my eyes, a very great protagonist even if he doesn't have a lot of character development. He was great as the first speaking protagonist in GTA. One thing though...you can't friggin swim. At first, I didn't mind this, but damn, it's annoying now after playing the HD era games.


GTA A: 5/10. This is probably my least favorite GTA game. It's not bad for a GBA game, but compared to other GTA games, it sucks. The combat is irritating, the graphics suck, especially for a GBA game, (I'm being serious, there's much better looking GBA games), and the game wasn't really all that fun for me...


GTA SA: 8.5/10. Now, I may have been a bit aggressive on this game back then, but looking back at it, this game beats the sh*t out of almost every open world game in the generation it was released. The amount of the stuff you can do is insanity and I still think SA's map is the best in the series. But, there's also some flaws like the hunger system, (who the hell thought of this for a GTA game), the ridiculously long wardrobe animation, and the weapon sounds are abmysal. But, still a great game that was ahead of its time.


GTA LCS: 7.5/10. LCS was eh. It was very fun, there's varied missions, great outfits, and interesting activities, but it feels like a watered-down San Andreas. I can understand why they had to strip a lot of stuff because PSP limitations, but damn, they should have at least made Toni swim. The story is also not that great. Toni seems to be a lapdog through out the entire game and the one time I recall Toni standing up for himself is at Vincenzo. The antagonist is also nearly non existent. This is the ONLY GTA game I've played that I don't even know who's the bad dude or not. Game was fun, but it was the story that brought it down a little bit.


GTA VCS: 8.5/10. It's like they took LCS and made it a better game and made it into a different city. Empire building was really fun and it should have returned in other GTA games. The story was alright I guess, at least the antagonist actually existed in this game (looking at you LCS), and the missions were really fun. Boomshine Saigon isn't that hard as long as you know the routes. And thank God, we can actually swim in this game. Lost count on how many times I fell into water accidentally, lol.


GTA IV: 9/10. This is also one of my favorite GTA games. Recently got the game for Xbox One, and suddenly, I crave to play more of it. I've already completed the game on PC, but I can play through it again because the story is actually overall interesting and intense. But, there are some features that were stripped from other GTA games, like car customization, and some activities, but I didn't mind. The gameplay isn't that great however. When you complete the game, there's pretty much nothing else to do apart from some side missions like Viglante and stuff. I also don't understand why the driving was critqued a lot in this game. It was critqued so much, that it was changed in V. Even Dan Houser didn't like it. 


When I first played IV, I didn't have no problems with the driving, with both keyboard and controller. But I gotta say, as a person who's been playing a lot of V lately, coming straight back to IV will be weird. You'll probably get too used to V as it's a completely different game from IV.


GTA ELFC: 8.5/10. Both TBOGT and TLAD are great DLC's and additions to the IV trilogy. TLAD actually improved the bike physics, (one thing I genuinely disliked about IV), and that's because of the whole biker theme of it. Gang Wars was probably my favorite thing in the game. It really showed the gritty nature of Liberty. As for TBOGT, it showed the... well, the lighthearted nature of Liberty. Everything was happy and vibrant. You even had an golden UZI and an explosive assault shotgun. The nightclubs were a nice touch as well.


GTA CTW: 9/10. I never finished CTW and I plan to soon, but man, this game is the sh*t. Drug dealing minigame, scratch cards, multiple safehouses, it's basically GTA IV, but with a few more features and it's top down. There's unfortunately, not much I can say about it because I have not finished it yet and I haven't played in a while. Hopefully my rating doesn't change.


GTA V: 9/10. A great game with a lot of potential killed by Online. Imagine the amount of content V would have got? That doesn't prevent it from being a great game though, and it doesn't prevent it from being in my top 3. The world feels vibrant and alive. There's animals, cell phone conversations, restricted areas, and more. You even had vehicles to cause havoc and do some serious damage to the city. Bulldozers, dump trucks, Cargobob, it's like a playground of destruction. There's a lot of other stuff that's great about the game, there's also some flaws. Like, why is there barely any interiors? Or why does enemies or cops have autoaim? And why are peds so aggressive? In IV, I almost kinda feel bad for killing peds, but in V, almost every single one of them are assholes that deserves to be blown up by my railgun.


But I will still play the game's story instead of the online component.

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Image result for gta signature

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III: 8.5/10. Simply groundbreaking for its time. I love the layout of the city and its atmosphere. A bit outdated now but I still find it fun to play.
VC: 9/10. Great vibe and soundtrack, in most aspects an improvement over III. The main story is short though and the map could've been better.
SA: 9/10. Excellent tri-city map, long story and tons of things to do. Has its problems like the protagonist's weak moments, gun sounds and copy-paste interiors but IMO the peak of the 3D era.
LCS: 7.5/10. Good old 3D LC, but I'm not a fan of its bright atmosphere. Toni is not a good protagonist, the antagonist is forgettable and the tone is inconsistent. Side missions are fun.
VCS: 8/10. Fun story with actually memorable antagonists and great missions. The empire building concept is cool. Unfortunately the PSP version seems to have a few annoying glitches.
IV: 9.5/10. The best story of the series, awesome game mechanics and detailed city. The most cohesive GTA experience. Side missions could've been more rewarding though.
TLAD: 9/10. Great story as well, grimy atmosphere and grounded missions. Good use of the Alderney part of the map.

TBOGT: 8.5/10. Weakest story of the IV trinity. Raising hell with the new weapons and vehicles is so much fun though.
V: 8.5/10. Looks beautiful, great customization options, decent open world to mess around in. The story is messy but the dialogue is pretty good. I can't ignore my gripes with the game though, it's too linear, too arcadey, and too Agency nonsense focused.

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Bratva Assassin

I hope nobody minds but I’m doing it on a scale of 1-16, because that’s how the NFL (only I do .5s and stuff) in the United States does things and just how I work, 😛


GTA IV (including EFLC): 16/16

GTA VC: 13/16

GTA III: 12/16

GTA LCS: 11/16

GTA VCS: 11/16

GTA CTW: 10/16

GTA SA: 9.5/16

GTA V: 8.5/16

GTA II: 6/16

GTA I: 5/16

GTA Advance: 3/16

GTA Online: 0/16


Do the math, folks to see what fraction out of 10 they equate to, ;)

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GTA 3: 8.3

GTA Vice City: 4.3

GTA SA: 10

GTA LCS: 7.4

GTA VCS: 7.6

GTA IV: 10

TLaD: 8.9

TBoGT: 8.3

GTA V: 10

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The Dedito Gae

Vice City:: 🖒🖒🖒🖒




V: 💩💩💩💩💩


Tl&dr: gta V is sh*t, gta IV good.

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Out of the ones I've played


Gta SA: 8/10

GTA vice city: 6/10 (I'm sorry some missions just made my want to slap a r* dev super hard but the aesthetic and music is nice)

Gta iv: 9/10

Gta v: 9/10

Edited by UndeadPotat0
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Only going from III onwards (excluding Advance) because it’s been ages since I’ve played the earlier titles.


III: 9/10

VC: 8.5/10

SA: 9.5/10

LCS: 7/10

VCS: 7.5/10

IV: 10/10

EFLC: 9/10

CTW: 6.5/10

V: 8/10

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  • 4 months later...

GtaIII:10/10. Atmosphere and the city are masterpieces, story is brilliant, protagonist is good.


GtaVC:10/10. pretty decent game, even though i’m not into it much, it’s not my style, i can enjoy it more if i play again maybe.


GtaSA:9/10. Amazing gameplay, good characters. Brilliant map, great driving and best missions with a great story.


GtaLCS:8/10 Atmosphere is dope, i like leone family(my favorite gang in the series). toni cipriani is an underrated protagonist, i don’t get this “lap dog” thing, he gets the job done and gets paid, isn’t it about it?


GtaIV: 10/10. read my other posts.


TLAD: 10/10. just as good as gta IV.


TBOGT: 9/10. Amazing game, with my last playthrough i liked it more. great missions and a great open world game.


CTW:8/10 tbh controls are pretty messy. story is brilliant and underrated. missions are very good.


GtaV:8/10 after all this time i still don’t see myself understanding the story. characters aren’t so bad, i don’t think it that way anymore. gameplay isn’t so bad too maybe.


GtaO:8/10. problem is other players mostly. stupid loading times for no reason, glitchy gameplay.


Edited by Max.pain
my votes been pretty high this time huh?
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  • 2 weeks later...

GTA III: 9.5/10. A revolutionary GTA game that was the first time in 3D.

GTA Vice City: 9/10: First GTA game to have a protagonist that can talk

GTA Advance: 0/10. Worst GTA game with ugly graphics and bad controls

GTA SA: 10/10. An absolutely masterpiece despite it's storyline and countryside. Amazing cheats

GTA LCS: 7.8/10. A good GTA Game but lacks amount of content compare to GTA SA such as swimming, crouching, can't fly helicopters, jetpacks, jet, jetski, bicycle

GTA VCS: 8.5/10.  A very great GTA game that brings back some features from GTA SA and good soundtrack too.

GTA IV: 10/10. The first GTA game to have useable mobile phone and internet. Amazing storyline, amazing characters, good missions not great but good. First GTA game to have a detail and similar to real life city.

GTA V: 10/10. The best GTA game in the series. The storyline even though not the best but it's still good. The missions are the best in the series. The world is so detail even than GTA SA IMO because it had animals, cactus, traffic cones and even sharks that you can kill at the ocean. 


New features every GTA game

GTA 3: First 3D GTA game

Vice City: First GTA game to set in the past.

GTA SA: First GTA game to bring character customisation, car customization and character stats

GTA LCS: First GTA game on PSP

GTA VCS: First GTA Game with big content on PSP

GTA IV: First GTA game to have internet and mobile phone

GTA V: First GTA game to have multiple protagonists, weapon customization, animals and strangers and freaks missions.


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On 7/18/2019 at 8:07 PM, GKZ said:

GTA 1- 2/10



GTA 1 - 6/10

GTA 2 - 6/10

GTA III - 8/10

GTA VC - 9/10

GTA SA - 9.5/10

GTA Advance - 6/10

GTA LCS - 8.5/10

GTA VCS - 7.5/10

GTA IV - 9/10

GTA TLAD - 9/10

GTA TBOGT - 8.5/10

GTA V - 8.5/10

 here's mine.

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III - 8.5/10

VC - 9/10

SA - 7/10

VCS - 7/10

IV - 9.5/10

TLaD - 9/10

TBoGT - 8/10

CW - 7/10

V - 8/10


Not going to rate Online, haven't played the rest.


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  • 6 months later...

rate each GTA game you have played with a score out of 10. i will start


GTA III - 8/10

GTA VC - 8.5/10

GTA SA - 9/10

GTA LCS - 7.5/10

GTA VCS - 8.9/10

GTA IV - 10/10

GTA EFLC - 9.8/10

GTA V - 6/10

GTA Online - 5/10

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III - 7.5

VC - 10

SA - 10

LCS - 7.5

VCS - 8

IV - 9

TLAD - 8.5

TBOGT - 8.5

V - 9


In my subjective opinion ( I especially have nostalgia goggles on for VC I guess, to me it slaps though) 

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GTA2 - 6

VCS - 10

VC - 8

SA - 9.5

LCS - 4.5

III - 7

IV - 10

TLAD - 10

TBoGT - 5

CTW - 9

V - 8.5

Online - 2


How do you put color in your text?

Edited by VenusianDream
I guess it's a mystery lmao
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Mr. Bogey

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GTA III - 7.5

Vice City - 9.5

San Andreas - 9

Liberty City Stories - 5

Vice City Stories - 6

GTA IV - 10

TLAD - 8.5

TBOGT - 8.5

GTA V - 8




Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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GTA II - 6/10
GTA III - 8/10
GTA VC - 9/10

GTA SA - 9.5/10

GTA IV - 7.5/10

GTA V - 7.5/10


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GTA III  -  10/10

GTA: San Andreas  -  10/10

GTA V  -  9/10

GTA IV  -  8/10

GTA: Vice City  -  8/10

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Rounded to nearest integer.
III - 9/10
VC - 9/10
SA - 9/10
LCS - 7/10
VCS - 8/10
IV - 10/10
EFLC - 9/10
V - 8/10

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Mr Philips The Gey

V 5.5/10

IV 10/10

III 4/10

VC 7/10

VCS 6/10

LCS 6/10

SA 10/10

TBOGT 9/10

TLAD 8.8/10

II 2/20

I 2/10

CTW 7.5/10

London 4/10

Advance 1/10

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  • GTA III - 7/10
  • GTA Vice City - 7.5/10
  • GTA San Andreas - 8/10
  • GTA Liberty City Stories - 6.5/10
  • GTA Vice City Stories - 7.5/10
  • GTA IV - 10/10
  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - 9.5/10
  • GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony - 8/10
  • GTA V - 7/10

10 out of 10 doesn't mean that I classify a game as perfection. It's simply that I'm totally satisfied with the game and the quality it provides with no significantly outstanding issues.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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