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John Wick 3 'references'

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English is not my first language so the word references probably isnt the correct word to describe this, but:


for those who have seen JW3, is it me or did a somewhat serious movie series now does some weird stuff?


What im talking about is how multiple scenes in the movie remind me of other movies, and i cant imagine this going unnoticed by the people who made the movie, wrote the script etc. so they either didnt care or it was intentional, which imo seemed a little out of line with what the movies stand or stood for.


possible SPOILERS below


1. the scene where KR is tweaking or using different parts of revolvers to make one to his liking --> the good the bad the ugly

2. (not rly super-copied but still) the horse scene --> true lies

3. "guns, lots of guns." --> matrix   like really? is this supposed to be funny or something?

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The Time Ranger

Regarding The Matrix reference they were just paying homage, the Matrix reference is a little easter egg considering Keanu Reeves and Lawerence Fishburne both starred in it. 


The horse scene could well have been inspired by True Lies, a nice reference if it was, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it, some movies like to make reference to or celebrate another movie by including a similar moment or scene, just a little wink to the audience.


I haven't watched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in a few years but I thought Tuco in the gunshop just discarded the guns he didn't like before choosing one he did, I don't recall him mixing and matching pieces, but I could be wrong, been a while since I've seen it.



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