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Caliga Hall Empty - Chapter 3


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Been searching around for anyone else running into this, not finding any similar accounts, figure I'd ask out here, before pursuing formal support.


Playing on XBox One X, in Chapter 3, I can start the mission "The Fine Joys of Tobacco". It's the ONLY mission I have available to start, as I've already stolen the horses, rescued Trelawny, and ran a job for a "Discouraged Man".


Cutscene with Hosea & the Braithwaites-fine. Get in the cart with Sean, fine. GPS patching on Mini-Map is good, Mission objective target is visible on Map and Mini-Map.


Proceed to ride to Caliga, Sean says his line about talking "a dog off a meat wagon," mission objective target disappears from map & Mini-Map. Sean never triggers his next dialog about the Gray's recognizing Arthur.


Sean cannot be killed; he's invulnerable. Blowing up the wagon does NOT fail the mission, nor does Arthur being killed.


Riding roughshod through Caliga Hall, there's almost no one there, and those who are will NOT go aggro, no matter how much they see me running over their friends.


Down on D-Pad shows mission objective right up until Sean brags about talking to dogs. As soon as he says that, D-Pad down shows NO mission objective.


Reloading a previous save, exiting and give closing game and restarting: none of it helps. Left the area, headed to Strawberry, slept for weeks, same thing. Pretty much seem to be unable to progress the main story at all, which really, REALLY sucks. Hoping SOMEONE else has seen this happen, and knows or has an idea of some way to get past it.

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The systematic approach wasn't working, so I went brute force. After a week-long train tour through three states, sleeping and changing areas as much as I could bear, this finally seems to have resolved itself.


Wish I knew what caused it and/or what fixed it, but I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to an inconvenient, isolated glitch, and just be happy I can continue this playthrough.


Maybe this will be helpful to someone else, if anyone ever runs into something similar.

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