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My Issues With The Weight System after playing for 8 months

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Posted (edited)

I've been playing the game consistently since it's release day and don't have any intention of stopping anytime soon. Never have I been so committed to a game like this. My main issue with the game itself by far though is the weight system. Rather than ramble about it in general here are the points I don't like:-


- Arthur's weight is relatively hidden behind a couple of menu screens meaning we have to search a bit to get to it. The game doesn't even actually tell you how to do this but Arthur's appearance itself can be affected by this. Anything else that affects Arthur in the game is either displayed in the HUD or is easily accessible by one button press. Anything that affects Arthur's appearance should be just as easily accessible in my opinion. Sure we have up and down arrows now and again but that is nowhere near enough


- It takes a fair bit of time to update so is hard to test. I have done many tests and it takes 2 - 3 days to test what effects certain foods have on Arthur's weight before the weight actually updates and because the game limits the amount of time you can sleep in a row this makes it even more awkward because you have to hang around waiting for the sleep option to reenable. Sure you could reload your game but there's no telling what effect that could have on a test and if it may 'reset' it


- We are given no info on what it takes to maintain a certain weight i.e. how many calories and we are also not given any info on how many calories each food item has or what it's effects on weight may be


- It is too realistic in the sense that if you travel about doing missions then you need to eat more than you would need to if you were just in camp. I was able to maintain perfect weight on a specific diet when in camp just eating and sleeping for a week yet when I replayed the game and did missions while eating the exact same diet Arthur was becoming underweight. While adding a sense of realism this is also too complicated and there is no shorthand way to keep track of how many calories Arthur is burning and how to adjust our diet accordingly


- Because the system is so hard to determine it's hard to test or even tell what factors come into play. Some people say sleep and sleep times have an effect, some people say the times that you eat have an effect, some say if you eat food with sugar it is different than meat for example etc etc. But it's so hard to tell what effect these things have, and indeed if they have any effect at all in a system that is so complex and hard to keep track of or if people just think they do. Therefore other people's advice may not apply to your game because they could be doing more or less missions per day or different activities etc.


- The amount he seems to need to eat if he is doing missions and is out and about seems a bit too much to say the least. I've eaten 3 mature venison some days and then he's still underweight but then as I said above it's hard to tell if these steaks have even kicked in yet so you don't know whether you will have to wait a couple of days and risk him becoming even more underweight or eat even more steaks and risk him becoming overweight


- The effects on his actual appearance are actually easy to trigger. I believe at around 3% underweight Arthur will start looking gaunt which looks strange for a brawny tough guy character and at 3% overweight his chin will start merging with his neck which again looks strange for a gang that is struggling for food and a guy who is out and about so much. You can lose or gain 0.75% of weight in a matter of days without realising unless you stay on top of it so these values could be reached in no time. I'm sure we will all agree that perfect weight Arthur is the best looking Arthur. If they wanted to make it as realistic and finicky as this then they could have at least made it so that it takes a long time for his appearance to change like in real life.


- The fact that, as I said in my previous point, you have to keep an eye on this mechanic constantly if you want to maintain a perfect or average weight is quite a hindrance. A lot of us are roleplayers and rpg players so we like to keep all of our stats and/or appearance in order and having something that is so hard to keep on track and keep track of constantly in the back of our minds is a huge annoyance for me. I don't want to be enjoying missions before realising that I forgot to eat one of my daily 5 steaks


- The rest of the gang don't seem to be stuffing their faces constantly and they seem to be maintaining the same weight throughout.


I believe the way it should be is as long as you eat the stew or perhaps one steak (venison, big game etc) a day then that is enough to maintain weight. And you should only gain any weight if you eat 5 - 10 items per day and only lose weight if you eat nothing or don't eat either the stew or 1 steak i.e. you can't just eat 1 biscuit a day. Sure this isn't entirely realistic but it is less chaotic and annoying than all of the above. If you are gonna try to make it as realistic as the above then maybe we should have Arthur taking dumps and us checking the paper every time he wipes to see if it's clean enough 😅But if the do insist on trying to make it that realistic then we should at lest be provided info on what we are doing and what we need to do.


Just venting really haha.

Edited by jimmyoneshot

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I agree, that weight system has issues. We need to find different ways around many issues of this game.


The way I eat only works between chapters 2-4. Arthur always seem to be stuck at Average to Perfect weight.  It does not matter how much Arthur eats during chapters 5-6. Arthur will not gain weight if you eat a bunch of food. In chapters 5-6, I only eat enough to make sure that Arthur's core percentage is at 100%. In the epilogue, I use the same eating habits for John.


Arthur eating habits in my play through. Miss meals for 2-3 days in a row will cause Arthur to be underweight. This happens to me very often. Most days I forget to eat lunch because Arthur is to busy hunting, fishing, killing, robbing, traveling, fighting, and collecting. Sometimes the camp would not let Arthur eat stew, so Arthur would have to cook his own meals in the gang camp.


Breakfast 6:30 am: 1 fruit (fresh or can), coffee, and 3-4 biscuits.

Lunch 12 pm: 1 cooked meat or canned meat, 1 cheese, maybe coffee and 3-4 crackers.

Dinner: daily camp stew ( depending if I am in camp at 5-6pm or if the game let Arthur eat stew), and 2 beers.

Dinner 5-6 pm: 1 saloon meal (depending if I am in towns), 2 whiskey

Dinner 5-6 pm( Depending on the location in gang camp or wilderness camp): 1 cooked meat, 1 canned beans, and 1 vegetable (canned or fresh)

Snacks: twice a week either afternoon or before bed- 2-3 candies.

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Cutter De Blanc

I agree with all of this except I think max weight Arthur looks best

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On 7/15/2019 at 8:27 PM, Cutter De Blanc said:

I agree with all of this except I think max weight Arthur looks best

I like max weight Arthur but by late chapter 4 as he looks more and more tired it makes his face look like a bloated fish. In chapter 3 max weight Arthur is perfect.

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