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[Casino DLC]Car Idea...

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Imagine a 1935 Duesenberg Convertible SJ LA _Grand Dual-Cowl Phaeton.

This type of car says basically: Mafia.



Imagine now, a fully tuned Duesenberg Convertible SJ LA _Grand Dual-Cowl Phaeton...

Benny got his hands on it, installs a super hi-tech v12, modern weber carbs, modern Super/Hyper Charger, a special 6 gear race clutch, massive drag tires in the rear, suspension, you name it.

He adds military armour to it, in short, he creates an armoured luxury vehicle with top hi-tech everything.
Despite the old body, the interior is also super futuristic ("Where history meets future" style).

The car would not be ashamed to put among THE best sports car, and even surpass it.

Top speed of 200mph/322kmph, a top acceleration, beastly handling, beastly grip, comfortable as a palace.
Everything you would not expect the car to be (considering it weighs about 2 metric tonnes, I would guess at first sight.


I could so see this monster as something VERY expensive, but damn fine to have.


Suggested price (tuned out to the maximum) would be 20 million.


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Divinity Films

Intriguing indeed ! Although that DOES sound like something id be willing to try "im more of a supercar freak" it doesn't sound like a bad concept ? I doubt if R* would create something like that but i was thinking you was going to say it was going to have some kind of weaponry with that military armor aha. I think 20mil is a bit much if you arnt getting weapons, ya know?

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Tao Cheng

HotKnife Classic Retro

Cost $69,000,000 in-game.


Also I think an Elegy Retro Donk might work for this update too.

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Wrong se- Oh who cares anymore. 

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Truffade B-Type, Sports Classics

Only for $899,999,000. Don't forget about the Truffade B-Type Custom which costs $100,000,000,000 and will turn your luxury cruiser into yet another dumbass armored vehicle.

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