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Question about 100%

Phil Collin

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Phil Collin

Im going to try get 100% i’v finished story, beat final mission. But what i dont know if i’v done all asset mission like Cab, printworks etc ” i think i have ” otherwise wouldn’t i still be able to play it? Plus idk if i have done haitan/cuban mission, but dont you need to do it to finish the game? = i’v done all them just dont remember. Weird it says u have to finish all those to get 100% but if you’re already finished the game u shouldn’t have to think about it, im mindf*cked help answer 

I mean you cant miss any of those stuff if youve played the last mission. I know the Malibu missions you dont need to do to finish the game but i did them after. But is there any missions i could have missed? Plus if i have missed any wouldnt they be still in the game, or can they disapear

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No missions disappear, you can't miss anything. The Cuban/Haitian and Love Fist/Biker missions are required for 100% but not story completion. 

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