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OpenIV Copying Folders


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It may seem small and even petty to report this but to try and maintain some kind of understanding of what I have modified and what I have not, I tend to use the "Compressed;Encrypted;" text as a reference since if it has been edited or replaced, it will become "Compressed;". The problem is that if I drag things into OpenIV from the desktop, it just becomes Compressed and not Encrypted.


The way I usually get around this is to just delete it (or rename it temporarily), go into the vanilla files and select 'Copy to mods folder' however that only works if the missing directory is an .RPF file. OpenIV will not recognise that something isn't in the mods folder if it's just a folder, as can be seen below. Since the 'data' folder has been renamed, OpenIV should recognise that 'data' isn't in the mods folder and prompt you to copy it to the mods folder if you go to the same path in the vanilla files, but it doesn't. It only asks if you want to see it in the mods folder but clicking the button does nothing (since the path doesn't exist).


Something small that I picked up on that seems (to my uneducated mind) like it could be easily fixed, but I could very well be wrong in thinking that. If anyone personally knowns of any workarounds to this or if a Developer would respond that'd be great.


Thanks for reading.




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OpenIV Team

OpenIV's mods folder operates on the RPF archives level. OpenIV only checks top-level RPF archives to determine if they are in mods folder or not, because the game will needs the whole RPF.


We are planing to add more features for "mods" folder management in the future that might help in your situatuon, but currently there is no workaout.

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Ah ok, thanks for the reply. I'll be glad to see what ideas you have for mods folder management in the future!

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