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Classic GTA San Andreas Videos

San Andreas Theatre

Recommended Posts

San Andreas Theatre



Greetings From San Andreas Theatre


Welcome to the GTAForums San Andreas Theatre, The home of all the San Andreas videos made by the members here at GTAF, The movies go in alphabetical order by user name to make finding a movie from your favorite movie maker more easy, The movie list is updated most everytime a new Video is posted, and other small things, Below you will find some helpful links on how to make your own videos, the five newest videos and the current list of great videos that have already been made, So get out there and make those videos!


NOTE: If i have missed one of your videos, Have one under the wrong user, The wrong link, Or some other thing, Please PM me and i will fix it, Thank you!


Helpful Links

SA Studios Mod- Useful for making SA PC Videos

K-Lite Codec Pack - Required for watching many of the vids

How To Make Videos Guide - NOTE: Needs serious revision/updating!

Gameplay Vids By cpmusick85



Best of 2005 Award Results Posted!

Go here to read a full breakdown of the results.


The Search for Missing Videos

There's lots of vids that have gone missing because of the TGA server/archive shifts earlier this year. I would like to track down these vids and try and reupload as many as possible. Could anyone who still has files for any vids released before June 2005 please upload them to Megaupload, Rapidshare etc., and PM the link to the San Andreas Theatre account so I can edit them for Putfile release. Let's keep SAT History alive!


SAT Newsletter

Issue 1


Newest Videos as of July 3rd 2006


Last Stunt Tutorial

SA My Way - TGA | SA My Way - FF


|---<<Video List (A-I)>>---|


adda's Videos

The bust up


cj helps his army buddy


Albi84's Videos


Gaspanic | Gaspanic : Anonymouse

The Slide Away



alexrw's Videos


Mickey the idiot part 2

Mickey the idiot part 1

San Andreas Theatre 1

What happens if...

Taking over Linden

Agent (savlotore's mission)


ArturP's videos

My San Andreas Trailer

FBI File


AuraHACK//sign's Videos



ballofsnow's Videos

Too Easy (NRG Challenge vid)



balmung's Videos

My First Video

Cruizing Fierro


BBumper's Videos

SA FBI Operation gone bad: Toying with the mission script II

Police Pursuit: Shorter Version

Police Pursuit: Toying with the mission script


beeblebrox5000's Videos

True Cop Stories Episode 1


brrad0's Videos

24 Official Trailer 2

24 Offical trailer

24: 6am to 9am

24: 9am to 12pm


Buzzsaw's Videos

Gasoline 2




Playing in Traffic



ceedj's Videos

SA Studios Demo - where's Zero? - HQ


Chaos27's Videos

Metal Gear Solid: Extreme


ChaosAlert's Videos



Cop Export


Chief.'s Videos


Top Gun 2

Meh stunts

Water Rats Trailer

Chiliad Jumpaging

Vortexing Around

Top Gun

Top Gun Part 2


Ricer Bitch

AK Crazy



CKG's Videos

Motor Bike Stunts

Tricks & Stunts Video

Race Car Explosion

Shoreline Battle

Jumping Stunts Fun


Clown.'s Videos

Jump The Grove

False Advertising

Run For Your Life 2

Run For Your Life Part 1 | TGA


Comododragon and Raiden's Videos

Funky Float


criminalatheart's Videos

Base Jumping


Cube623's Videos

NRG Xtreme


CygnusX's videos

Hydra Takedown |Rapidshare| TGA|Filefront


dataschmuck's Videos

Tractor pull


DeathCobra's Videos

Torque 2


Airgrab Anarchy




Drizz's Videos

Save tha' hood

Stunt Vid


DJ-Invert's Videos

San Andreas Stunts

DJ-Invert's Stunt Video |Low Quality (2MB)|High Quality (16MB)|

DJ-Invert's Second Video |Low Quality (2MB)|High Quality (22MB)|


durkaman's Videos



El Paso's Videos

San Andreas Life

Red Devil

Mad Stunts

Chaos State


Fatman2004's Videos

Tunnel vision

Give It All

Chronicles Of Jack 2

Tribute video for GTA_Gangnasty

Chronicles Of Jack

My Third Stunt Video

FATMAN2K4's Second Video

Fatman2K4 First Video



First Stunt Vid

Vortex Video

The Immigrant Part 1

The Immigrant Part 2


gnomefromnome's Videos

Best of gnomefromnone 2 Preview

The Best of gnomefromnome (Rapidshare) | The Best of gnomefromnome (Putfile)

No Chance In Hell

Stowaway Revisited

Not Seen

Reverse Psychology |Rapidshare|Putfiles

Not seen |Rapidshare|TGA

Degeneration III


Degeneration II


San Andreas Underground (director's cut, really)

SA Underground

RC Cam 2

RC Cam

Roadtrain Jumps

LS Flood

Severe Drought

Severe Drought (Trailer)



Stunts of the Dragon


gotups294's Videos

Here to Stay, by the XSA Stunt Crew



Overload - Stunt Video

Mega Stunts

Turismo Stunting


greendead's Videos

Police Panic: Prologue

Spy Hard 4

The Vinewood Horror Trailer

Spy Hard 1

Spy Hard 2

Spy Hard 3

Police Panic Trailer

Spy Hard Trailer


grovestreet123's Videos

Police Madness

Sneaking In Part 1

Sneaking In Part 2

Sneaking In Part 3

Sneaking In Part 4

Tyre Ride

Picador Truck Burnout

Stunting Rancher

Death Glitch


On the Edge the Final


GTA_Gangsta's Videos

Chronicles of Jack 3 Trailer

Sound Of Revenge

GTA_Gangsta' Vs Fate

Preview For Upcoming Solo Video

Tunnel vision

Escape Velocity Directors Cut

Cosa Nostra-This one thing of ours

Escape Velocity-My Greastest Stunt Video

Cosa Nostra - Trailer

New Stunt Video Clip

Just Another Traffic Jam

Chronicles Of Jack 2

Licence To Fly

Xtreme Stunts II

COJ 2 Trailer

Stunts & Sh*t

Chronicles Of Jack

CJ's F*cked Up Car Ride Part II

Xplosions And Stunts

Movie/Skit (No Name)

Mini_Gangsta's First Video

Xtreme Stunts

Some Crazy Sh*t

GTA_Gangsta's Stunt Video

Xtreme Stunts (Trailer)

Wear Ski Mask Anytime (Guide)

Bridge Stuntin

BMX Stunts Part 1

Insane Car Stunts

Bridge Stunts (Trailer)

Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos Episode 1

Grand Theft Auto: U.S Navy SEALs


GTA MA$TA's Videos


Mystery Trailer

Blood Money Trailer

Backfired Part 2


The Adventures Of Agent 0024

Super CJ (Trailer)

Super CJ Part 1

Super CJ Part 2

Revenge Part 1

Revenge Part 2

Revenge Part 3

Revenge Part 4

Revenge Part 5

Revenge Part 6 (the finale)

Just A Normal Day In LV

Cop Killa

BMX Ride

BMX Mt. Chiliad Jump

Spy Mission 1

Outta Control Stunting

The Curse of Flint Range Part 1

The Salieri Family Part 1

TSF Prologue (Trailer)

The Salieri Family Part 2

World's Most Extreme Police Chases


GunnerBrian's Videos

Explosion 1

Explosion 2

Pratman Returns


Hell No...'s Videos

Carl Goes Flying

Ryans Little San Andreas Video


HiTMaN's Videos



human.abattoir's Videos

PCJ Adventures


ioa's Videos

cool stunts with cheats

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San Andreas Theatre


San Andreas Theatre (J-O)


JDHJJ's Videos


Fate Vs GTA_Gangsta'

All in Wait

Redefine Me (Stunt video)

Explosion 1

NRG Stunts

Rising - Wanted



Playing With Planes


No Good

My Sucky Stunt Vid

New backwards stoppie record

The Sum Of All Fears Preview


A LAD Tribute

Keep It Up!

FATMAN2K4 Tribute


jono_wilko's Videos

Bad Trip

Bad Trip Part 2

Sing Star CJ


She F**king Hates Me


jordan's Videos

GTA Trilogy Tribute


jordo05's Videos

Good Jump

Lets Fly Away

The Pay Off

Waking Up

Push It to the Limit

Video 724


Quading Around


Pride Drive

Video 07

Video 03

Video 1045

Hydra Jump

Hydra Jump (continued)

Spring In Your Step

My Third Video

My Second Video

My First Video


juan_salad's Videos




Killing Time

Madd Stunterz: A Rare Breed

CJ's stunt compilation

CJ's Stunt Collection


junafani's Videos

The Stunt Video



Otherside - FF

Hypertension (TGA) | Hypertension (Megaupload)


kennbo's Videos

Floating Death


kert6699's Videos

Last Stunt Tutorial

SA My Way - TGA | SA My Way - FF

LC: Reloaded | Filefront | Video Game User



Legoman's Videos

Ninja II


Xtreme NRG



BMX Park Stunts

Gun Fight


locked's Videos

Guide To Make An Atomic Bomb


Longi's Videos

Now Or Never HQ | Now Or Never LQ


Maluson's Videos

Maluson's JAM


Master Yayo's Videos


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Back in Black



matt27689's Videos

Kidnap: Part 2 - TGA | Kidnap: Part 2 - Filefront

Farting Ped

Random Stunt

Kidnap: Part 1 | TGA

KIDNAP Trailer


Never Gonna Stop


M4Gproductions's Videos

GTA Matrix


MI7's Videos

Star Andreas II Trailer

Flying Machines

Dr Who: The Last Planet

Slide Away Special Edition

SAT: Apocalypse Part 1

ROSA Episode V - Chaos in San Fierro

One Funny As Hell Vid

Nightmare on Grove Street

Adventures of Carl and Dave in the 69th Dimension

A Day In The Life Episode 2

A Day In The Life

La Nuovo Litorale Part I

Happy Birthday Mixie!

Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 1!

Carl Wars Episode I: The Gambling Menace


Total Carnage

Trailer (???)

The Random Quadrillogy Part 1

Doctor Who Episode 4!!!!

Doctor Who Episode 3

Dr Who Charity Trailer

Doctor Who Episode 2

Doctor Who Episode 1


Carl Wars trailer 1

Powershot Trailer

Powershot Part 1

Powershot Part 2

Powershot Part 3

Powershot Part 4

Powershot Part 5

Powershot Part 6

Powershot Conclusion

Powershot Trailer #2

Powershot 2 (Part 1)

Powershot 2 (Part 2)

Cinema Advert 1 - Pearl & Dean Spoof

Cinema Advert 2


Big Payback

MI7 vs Newcastle

Jump Video In LV

NRG Stunting

Halo Over Water

Halo Over Ground

Weird Hyrda Crash

Wacky Races

Part 1(???)


MichelPS2's Videos


Once Upon A Time In San Andreas

San Andreas Stunts

San Andreas Stunts Part 2

San Andreas Stunts Part 3

San Andreas Massacre

San Andreas Massacre 2: Escape From LS

Desert Heat


milkboy's Videos

Mission Impossible 3: Part 1


MisguidedAngel's Videos

GTA: San Andreas Unkut Trailer


MisterBates666's Videos

Voodoo Tribute

Yipee (Existing Video Clips With Custom Editing)


M.O.'s Videos

Stuntman I

Stuntwench I

Stuntman II

Stuntwrench I

Stuntwench II

All of the above in one big video!


MISTO's Videos


CJ 007 | Rapidshare | TGA


Moonkea's videos

The Transporter

Jump Preview


San Andreas Snake Eater


mrjake's videos


The Heist


Mxyzptlk's Videos

ROSA Episode V - Chaos in San Fierro

One Funny As Hell Vid

The First Move

Rebels United

Ridiculous Recruits

Recruits a go-go

The Holy Grail

Go Homes, Be Free


Mxyzptlk Rides

A New Clear Perspective


Kart Kaos

The San Andreas Ballet presents....

Probing the Stoolie

The ChemiKill Factory

Unhook Trailer Glitch

Tank Flip Glitch


Operation: Carwash

Zombie me?! Zombie YOU!!

The A-Team Opening Credits(Megaupload)|The A-Team Opening Credits(Putfile) | Original A-Team Opening (For Comparison)

Loco Blitz

Accessing Area 69

Operation: Dunesday

Helicopter Surfin' (USA)

In Debt

Better Than...

Hanzo Steel

Sijei Bushido(Original 'Low Res')|Sijei Bushido(New 'High Res')


Stimulator Sprint Race

Catch the Brown Streak

Bike Master

SF-LV Trail

Skydiving Plunge

Super Jump


Inaugural (GTA:U Race vid)

Vortex bomb

White zombie



Neo Anderson's Videos

Locked and Loaded


Case Closed


NeoSNightmarE's Videos

Riding On Wall

Water Spinnage


Custom 123


FBI Truck Edit




nightknight's Videos



Nin's Videos

Nin oracle- episode 2



High Noon

Mxyzptlk's Race

The Strip


My Little Movie

My Free Fall


NSX's Videos

Second Run


numdmind's Videos

Event Horizon

In GTA We Trust


Og_loc's Videos

San Andreas: Scarred face 1

Crazy Town

San Andreas: Scarred Face Trailer


original_gangster's Videos

Welcome to the Ghetto

Life in the Ghetto 2


Ottae's Videos

The Blues Brothers

The Mountain Chiliad Glitch

Hit On "31-Girl"

Beat the Cock!

Spontaneous Combustion

The search for Bigfoot


The Dam Busters


ozbrarb's Videos

Bounty Hunter Ambush - FF | Putfile

Big Bang

Bounty Hunter Forever

Bounty Hunter - Arrival

San Andreas Wars - Nuclear Fallout

San Andreas Wars - SpyCatcher

San Andreas Wars - Battle For Bone II

San Andreas Wars - Battle For Bone

San Andreas Wars - Controlled Chaos

Mafia circus

San Andreas Wars - Incase you forgot

San Andreas Wars - On The Run

Plane Crazy

San Andreas Wars - Clean Up

San Andreas Wars - Red Riot

San Andreas Wars - Day Off

San Andreas Wars - The Interrogation

San Andreas Wars - Duck Take

San Andreas Wars - Whet Patch

San Andreas Wars - Plant Warfare

San Andreas Wars - Terror at Tierra

San Andreas Wars - The Refinery

The Basement III

The Basement Episode II

The Basement Trailer

The Basement I

The Ultimate GTA Question

Edited by San Andreas Theatre
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San Andreas Theatre

San Andreas Theatre (P-Z)

p13m4n's Videos
Random retarded SA video
The Ultimate Carbomb!
Police Car Pwned!

Paffleck's Videos
I Got Hit

PacMaan's Videos

Pandazoot's Videos
The Final Meeting
One Man Gang: Part 4
One Man Gang: Part 3
One Man Gang: Part 2
One Man Gang
Robbie: Part 3
Robbie: Part 2
Robbie: Part 1
Bulldog Brothers 3
Bulldog Brother 2: Part 2
Bulldog Brothers 2: Part 1
Bulldog Brothers part 2
Bulldog Brothers
Marijuana Mania
Sabre Chase
Escape From San Andreas: The Home Stretch
Escape From San Andreas: Going Downtown
Escape From San Andreas: The Road to Los Santos

peter_magenheimer's Videos
"Boom" - NRG Stunting #1 (Normal Res)|(High Res)

phant0mhax0r's Videos
Pimp My Ride submissions
Gta Breakdown
My Stunt Video

Pinky's Videos
Back on the Block - part 2
Back on the block part 1

Plaka's Walkthrough Videos 10000.gif
Flying School Direct | Mirror
Driving School Direct | Mirror
Bike School Direct | Mirror
Boat School Direct | Mirror
Supply Lines Direct | Mirror
New Model Army Direct | Mirror
N.O.E. Direct | Mirror
Stowaway Direct | Mirror
Vertical Bird Direct | Mirror
Freefall Direct | Mirror
End of the Line Part I Direct | Mirror
End of the Line Part II Direct | Mirror
Wu-Zi Mu Direct | Mirror
Farewell My Love Direct | Mirror
NRG Challenge Direct | Mirror
Kickstart Challenge Direct | Mirror
The Green Sabre Direct | Mirror
Cutthroat Business
Wrong Side of the Tracks Direct | Mirror
High Noon

Poulpc's Videos
San Andreas Backflip
Funny Glitch
Fun Clips
Desperado Cops #03
Desperado Cops #02
Desperado Cops
Upside Down Mix 2
Poul's Supermix 3

Psy's Videos
Come Out Swinging

Pstonie's Videos
Rammstein - Addios Music Vid
San Andreas Stunting

QJimbo's Videos

Raptomex's Videos
Life In San Andreas

Real Gangster no. 14's Videos
Mission Area 69:Part 2
Escape from San Fierro
Mission: Area 69

Resistanceisfutile's Videos

ribbit's Videos
Tank Glitch at the Big Ear
The Trip to Liberty City
3-1/2 Min Tour of SA on foot
Skyscraper tractor pull part 2
Skyscraper tractor pull
Chasing Andromada
I love glitches
Lame-O stunt vid
Anything For Love
GTA:SA Star Wars

richard345's Videos
Cliff Hangar
Cliff Hanger 2
Fence Hopping
Mountain Jumping

RockstarFan's Videos
San Fierro Stunting

s00pcan's Videos
CJ Doin Sumthin
Sum Easter Eggs huh
Invisible CJ
CJ's Extreme Days R3mix
The Ghetto

SanAndreas1829's Videos
Open Waters
Rocky Roads
Chappelle's GTA Skit

sean "sweet" johnson's Videos
The Final Stunt
Denied, Bitch!
the san andreas renegade
Seventh-Inning Stunting
Stuntin Xplosion

SINZAR's Videos
Massacre in Blueberry
Welcome To The Fold
Nothing Else Matters
The Hitman Diaries - Episode 1
The Hitman Diaries - Episode 2

Sylent_Bob's Videos
The Boys Republic
San Andreas Motorcycle Stunts

Tackleberry's Videos
My Name Is Bart Ader

t-bo's Videos
6 Ways

Conspiracy -Megaupload | Conspiracy - TGA
Illegale Lavora
Star Andreas II Trailer
Star Andreas
Madness 4
Madness 3
First Stunt Video
San Andreas Madness
San Andreas Madness 2
San Andreas Madness - Techno

Modelling Exhibition
First Stunt Vid

TheDude5000's videos
Insane Season

Thrash75's Videos
Desperado Cops #03
Desperado Cops #02
Hydra Fun
Upside down at Gant Bridge
Hydra drydock mistakes
Hydra back-flip stunts
Hydra under drydock roof
Desperado Cops
Cop Having Fun

Tijs's Videos

TMS's Videos
New Blood - TGA | New Blood - FF
Out Of Reach
As One - TGA | As One - File Factory
TMS aftershock.
Altitude |TGA|Filefront
A TMS christmas

TrObRo's Videos
Bonnie And Clyde
New Boy
Body Count

turtle dick's Videos
TMS Illusion
How to kill the immortal
Better Than You
Turtle Stunts/Turtle Stunts (FileFront)
Turtle Stunts Trailer
A Bad Packer Day

viva gta san andreas's Videos
To The Max Again!
To The Max!
Picking the Grapes trailer
Jones Disaster 3
Jones Disaster 2
Jones Disaster
Jones Disaster Trailer
Live and Let Die
camper down

Voodoo's Videos
Fast Food Frenzy
Choo Choo Hijinks
Bad Day
Fly II
Wannabe II
Clucked Up!
Bikini Rampage
Welcome Back CJ
50 Ways
Combine Nation

Wu Masta James' Videos
Jim's GTA movie

XSA's Videos
Embrace the Darkness
XSA: Timecrash
Overwatch TGA | Overwatch Filefront

yosi22's Videos
Raid On The Army Base 2
Raid On The Army Base

zebady's Videos
assassin 3 trailer
assassin part 2

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I recently completed this:


Rammstein - Feuer Frei!


"This is now my third San Andreas music video. I decided to go with Rammstein again, as I got the idea that their aim was to make music that would go very well with some mashed-up GTA gameplay vids. For this one I actively tried to improve my style. Was I successful? I have no idea."



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Gerard Delaney of neoRetro Films presents:

The Ill Events: Revelations

Length: 9:26

Size: 54.9mb


Well here it is, my little machinima baby. The Ill Events Revelations is a bridging together of the 3 episodes of the Ill Events story. It basically is the complete story in one go. The version of the story has altered dialogue and some little attempts at poetry, some inclusion of voice acting, a completely new edit of the 1st reveal section (to improve the Punish section, and because I no longer had the raw footage of the 1st reveal) and the most exciting part:a 100% original soundtrack created by Cameron Sears. This is an abstract story, and ive taken an experimental approach. The story deals with memories and I tried to make the spaces that characters occupy ones of movement even when the environment is static, as they are always jumping in timelines so I never wanted to linger in a location either. The dreamlike qualities I used to visually present the issues of memory that the central characters encounter. The download I am providing is a lower resolution version so that it will be accessible to more viewers. I will most likely include a HQ version sometime in the future if people request it.


Download Links:

TGA(Reg. required): http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=4209

Filefront: http://files.filefront.com/The_Ill_Events_...;/fileinfo.html


Streaming Links:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOejkUxscdc

YouTube Alternate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6sWnQUq16A

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user posted image




This Themed video has been in the works for many, many months. I started making a themed vid and basing it on the Mission: Impossible movies. Oh yeah and don't say this is just another copy, this is my attempt to make a creative and entertaining adaptation of some elements of the mission impossible series into an SA themed vid. It took so long to make because I had to use many tricks that take ages on ps2 and my computer crashed and deleted all of my editing like daffy, so i had to redo it, but here it is! Please download and watch it! I know you don't want a 16 minute vid, so i split it up into two parts. download part two only after you watch part one or else it won't make sense at all. thank you!


pasted from GTAS xmas.gif ha i stole your smilie td!

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Two videos for you all, experimentation in GTA stunting...pushing some limits



Folks I now officially present Catapulting. The video is pretty explanatory so just watch it. Basically you are using the launching force of an explosion on a junk car to launch a bicycle and then grabbing onto it so you go where the bicycle goes. Generally speaking the location of the explosion, direction and distance, will affect where the catapult goes. This stunt type is new, unconventional, extremely powerful and best of all FUN!


Video: http://rapidshare.de/files/33667541/ThisIs...lting_.wmv.html


*Some general information*

-The junk cars are generally found in LS, no other items have the same effects when put near explosions, I have looked around but please feel free to experiment elsewhere.

-Turn off the damage prevention if you use GTA Control Center, this will change how the stunt works

-Having damage prevention turned off 100% (so all types of damage affect cars) will allow for stats to register for this stunt type, also starting SA center after running SA seems to be best

-The damage prevention setting is in the "Vehicle and Game Data" tab, in the top left

-Obviously the junk cars dont move with the current flaws of the SA replay system, so right now it is limited for its locations and showing stunts etc...new replay system anyone?

-Some junk cars launch better than others, ive yet to work out the reason for this


*Thank you*

-Juan and Kingjad: It was after I had some general stunting discussion, regarding the Return of El Diablo, that I fired up SA with grenades in mind. I noticed the effect on the junk cars in my general experiemntation and this led to the development of Catapulting

-Nitzkit: Shoutout for helping me with getting a working and replicable stunt with this by listening to my ideas for it and giving some suggestions. Also thanks for working out how to get stats for Catapulting: cos i got the WR's now



Well here it is....Concept. It includes things that are new ways to do old style stunts and some new approaches to stunting altogether. I am really glad to have had a good bunch of stunters submit for this video, and the enthusiasm of you guys was also very heartening. I hope you enjoy this video and take it for what it is as an experiment, some stunts will look good and some will be confusing. Always remember if it is a stunt for you then that is all that matters. I edited this simply for the main part, I wanted there to be alot of focus on the on screen action without fx, cos things dont always go as expected in this video. As for the editing....everything you see is intentional....I wanted to screw with expectations a bit. Also a special congratulations to Corevil as he is premiering his Portable Object Bump method in this video.













Video Links:

TGA: http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=4201

Filefactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/d87c60/

Filefront 1: http://files.filefront.com/Conceptwmv/;552...;/fileinfo.html

Filefront 2: http://files.filefront.com/Conceptwmv/;552...;/fileinfo.html

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymt5_dS-KF4


Also a link with pictures of what Corevil is bumping off with his POB method: Rapidshare Link

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  • 2 weeks later...

Master_Yayo Presents:

user posted image

This is my 5th solo video in SA. side note: SHADOWSNIPER GUEST STARS ^_^ I would say that it is my best work, so please download and watch it!


Here's what some stunters thought of this video:

XSA member "Sweet" rated the video at 9.5/10

TMS member Xplosion rated the video at 9.5/10

FB member Kaynt rated the video at 9.5/10

TMS member fugitive said "Sweet vid man, you f*cking own the PS2 stunting, loved every second of it."

Other comments of this video posted on gtastunting.com forums include "Easily the best ps2 stunt video ever."





TGA(click above banner)


This version is a .mov high (kinda) quality.

here's an MQ .mpg version link.

Odyssey mpg version-Filefactory

and here's a youtube link.



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Where did all the posts go?!??!/1/1//11poj189t87```` bbq.gif  bbq.gif  bbq.gif  bbq.gif


The truth is this topic was one of many that were causing the server to act slowly - due to the sheer size of it - so we've had to remove around 10,000 posts to make it faster. icon14.gif

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There isn't a problem with removing all the posts, all the links have been saved.


Nice one.


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I have no issues with the posts being deleted, and if it makes the site run faster (or not so slow, at the very least) then I'd say it's well worth.


As for all the links being saved, not quite, since a few of mine seem to have been missed. notify.gif


Not that I care the slightest, anyway.

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Damn, i've lost like a year and a half of good memories now sad.gif I assume the posts can't be seen through the view all posts by this member feature?


Oh well, as long as it makes the place run quicker icon14.gif


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Viva Gta San Andreas.

Haha, those videos that I made made me laugh - alot. I was soooo cool when I made them. cool.gifsarcasm.gif

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The continuing story of a what if Tommy went to SA a couple of years after SA ends /is taking place .


Vice Andreas Episode 5





I had a blast making it , hope some of you get to enjoy it .


I am xLADx there with 20+ vids on youtube , some ps2 vids .

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user posted image


Movie : Let's Ride

Artist : The Game

Song : Let's Ride (album: the doctor's advocate)

Lengt : 2:04

Size : 212MB

Original video clip: ->CLICK<-




Google Video Stream


YouTube Stream


Filefront (coming soon)


Q-Movies© 2006 - Enjoy! biggrin.gif

Edited by GTA_quint
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^ Haha that "Let's Ride' ish was hot! How u get CJ to have a different face? Mod prolly. Kinda looked more like 50 Cent tho than Game, but still dope.

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New player animation while riding the motorcycle .







Tommy in SA what if


Vice Andreas 6



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jesus christ; do you know how many of those movies cant be found on the uploading site?!?!!

They submit their own movies that they have made themselves, not movies they went and found.

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I know that, and I didn't mean to look like a bumhole when I said that. But when I went to the website that the video was on, but they were all deleted or something.

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So you know, The San Andreas wars (one of my favorite Machinimas) and Powershot (My other Fave machinima are gone).

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