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all dlc and san andreas in gta 6 online


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gta 6 will be out in the next three to four years the question is whether the current online will run alongside it in terms of getting dlc or dlc stopped. 


either possible but it makes more sense to stop dlc for what will be 8 to 10 year old game by this point .


next gen will take online to the next level in terms of lobby numbers cloud gaming etc. 


i am convinced gta 6 will be at least liberty and vice city and countryside inbetween . 


but would not rule out los santos , 


this has been no soild leaks for ls other than a cryptic message on glassdoor from a supposed rockstar employee which is not hard to do but dosent mean it is not true.


los santos would be the easiest city to do in terms of updating . 


could add all the dlc like arena war the rockstar editor transform races adversary modes etc even the new casino update. 


question is whether you could transfer profiles am not sure .


i do see a criminal enterprise starter pack to get started on a larger scale to get players started and encourage them to join the new online 

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Gee tee ay sicks spekulashun fred dat way➡️




In future, please use the search feature.

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when 6 comes out (can be as early as 2 years) the updates for 5 would have been dead for several months.

5 will keep rolling but not groomed.


6 will take place in vice city and some parody of Rio with segments in liberty city

across different eras, mainly 70's & 80's


Profiles and DLC's won't transfer


Source? I prefer 1.6


Edited by wizooord
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This has alrdy been talked about before, it does not need a thread all its own....

Edited by Lupo-Akane
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