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I wanted to make this mod long time ago.

(check this sh*t out anyway   )


Im from Montenegro and i live in capital city Podgorica. Cuz of the fact that a lot of neighborhoods round here look like ghettos in LA and NY and criminal activities can be often seen,

i wanted to make this mod for gta sa. I wanted to put a lot of things there but i need help for everything.

Any help will be great. Something like advices and sh*t.

If somebody want to work with me and make some script or mission, model or texture, send me a message or reply to this topic.

I will credit every single person who helped me even for lil things like some texture or advice.

                     Anyway,lets begin:




cars from scratch

edited SA cars

cars from Beta



 clear SA map and make new map to look like Podgorica. That mean new objects like Buildings,houses,Milenium Bridge,and some unique sh*t. But its not necessary to edit and replace every object that is in game

Characters and NPCs


Its okay to left some default npcs from original game

Beta peds 

Edited peds

peds made from scratch



Clear gta sa story, missions and cutscenes and make new missions and cuts.

I especially need help for cutscenes and missions cuz i know how to make them only in DYOM. 

I wanted to keep it real and make LowPoly SAstyle models and textures. Its easier to make LQ model or texture and it looks better in-game.

I will include some other mods in my mod but i will credit authors.


And, I wanted to put in Random Events script. That means:


one gang is walking or chillin and suddenly car with hostile gang pass by and do a drive by just like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvqGcHPILJw        NPC on NPC drive by 

In some houses there is a party 

Police arrests like in gta 4

people drinking,taking a piss,talking on phone and sh*t on the street...





! eVeRyOnE WhO hElP wiLL bE cReDiTed!




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