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RDR2 Online


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So I'm not going to lie, I have barely experienced RDR2 Online. I loved the story mode but when I played Online for the first time in my opinion it wasn't good. Can anyone let me know if it has gotten any better recently? I might want to start getting into it.

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Red Lynx 23

A few new story missions, and dynamic events aka random encounters had been added with the spring update. The new missions were good, especially the very last one Destroyed By Grief.

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It has improved since beta, but most of us are longing for the next update. The problem now is simply an overall lack of content; however, if you're new(ish) to the game, you may not mind and will hopefully be able to find things that catch your interest.


I'm not gonna lie; I was not very happy with this game at all until it came out of beta. I wanted to enjoy it, but simply could not. I still have my critiques, but the addition of defensive mode, restructured daily challenges, new missions, and so on have allowed me to enjoy it for what it currently is and what I hope that it will become.


It's not perfect and it doesn't have a fraction of the content that GTAO had during the early days, but if they can get the bugs worked out and keep it headed in the "right" direction, it does have promise in the long run. It's just been a slow process thus far, but I'm trying to just hold on and hope for the best!

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The Dedito Gae

Is hit or miss for most people, if you enjoyed RDR2 but are still not willing to let go, you might enjoy it. Having friends playing RDO helps a lot although most online players are chill.

(I said most btw, after all its an online game and theres bound to be complete asshats)

It's an uneven and repetitive experience, dripfeed and PvP are abysmal, disconnects are rampant and the grinding is severe. In time, things will get better and the game will have more activities.

Edited by The Deadite
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It's alright, but everything you can do here you can basically do in SP. So when I find a rare animal I think oh that's cool. But I wish I found it on SP where they count perfect pelts.


Hopefully they introduce property and better money making systems.

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The on-call missions (like the ones with Mrs. LeClerk) are fleshing out a storyline that I like. I probably play/replay them more than anything (but I play the game rather infrequently at this point).


if you really want to experience free roam, I recommend you find a glitched solo/passive lobby so you can really do your own thing and not have to worry about griefers/bullies spoiling your experience--unless, of course, you like dealing justice to them. Some here seem to .

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Leftover Pizza
18 hours ago, LooseCanon said:

Why not log in and experience it for yourself?




Just go out and experience it for yourself. The very few asshats you'll see can be neglected, unless you crack real easy. Most of the times you won't even see other players much, because even a full lobby doesn't feel crowded at all. 

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The toxic griefing is far less. Although I do get attacked, even in defensive mode. 


If you are into poker, it is there, but don't expect to get rich from it. Unless you are a real Hustler. 


The random stranger missions are a nice addition. The free roam missions do start. That is great. 


For the clothing, you will most of the time run around in the same attire. You may have one cold weather outfit. So new clothes or another showdown, who cares? 


Right now I am building my avatar with ability cards and pamphlets, hoarding gold and money in the process, so that I am at the top of the food chain when the real content is released. But don't hold your breath for it. 

Edited by Van_Hellsing
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Will definitely go ahead and play for myself. Thanks for all the replies. 

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