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would you wait 10 years for gta 6


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lets be honest nobody knows when gta 6  we have had leaks but nothing 100 percent concrete . 


we have waited six years for 6 will be about 8 to 9 wait. 


could be 10 and not crazy. 


rockstar are only doing two dlcs a year for online now. 


could easily crank out another six to eight dlcs .


and rdr online is a focus now can get a few years out of that. 


we had five year gap between rdr 2 and gta v . 


we have had leaks that have maybe ls lv vc will all be in gta six. 


say the pastebin leak is true and gta 6 is east coast. and maybe west coast with gta v map. 


the biggest gta and one if not the biggest game of all time. 


this huge map made up of the big three gta cities . 


would you willing to wait until maybe 2023 if this was the case . 


i would rockstar take there time with games and make the game worlds. 


if this was the map for gta 6 it would be worth the wait 

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I think with GTA 6 we will come VEEEEERY close to that 10 year gap ... as I said I expect this to be released sometime early-mid 2023 and that'd be 9.5 years between GTA V and GTA 6.

If R* can at least release another game from now till GTA 6 - fingers crossed for Bully 2 - I'm more than happy and meanwhile I enjoy RDR2.

Also ... we ain't got a choice - R* should take all the time they need to make it the "perfect" experience. I prefer that over annual releases that are good for one purpose only ... destroying their respective franchise!

So in an ideal world we get something like this:


Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC version) - Fall 2019

Bully 2 (PS4, Xbox One) - Fall 2020 -> just barely before the next-gen consoles hit the market

Bully 2 (PS5, next Xbox and PC version) - Summer 2021

Grand Theft Auto 6 (PS5, next Xbox, PC) - Spring/Summer 2023 -> yeah, for the first time the PC version will be released alongside the console versions to maximise sales (day one, first week sales in particular)

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GTA 6 I'm convinced will be east coast LC vc with countryside in-between  as for ls it is the easiest map to recreate can connect all three  via fast travel but of you can transfer online profiles and dlc 

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Personally I think that GTA VI might be scheduled internally for 2021 and it will be delayed and will come out in 2022. Possible schedule.


2019 - RDR 2 for PC

Late 2020/early 2021 - Bully 2

2022 - GTA VI

Edited by Kris194
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What do you mean would I wait? As in refuse to play the game when it gets released cos it took too long? Lol. Course I’ll play it whenever it comes out.

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Since I've played every single GTA that has been released (except GTA Advance) I'll expect I will play the next one as well, unless I'm dead by then.

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it probably wont be 2023 depends on size of game like i said could see los santos . 


but at same time could see lc vc and rockstar updating gta online on gta v

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I agree with MojoGamer.


Let's use the similar thread for this.


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