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Would you want a remake of this game?


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I doubt it will ever happen and it's better that Rockstar focuses on making new games but exploring 80's Miami in the graphics that are possible now would just be amazing. 

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Algonquin Assassin

If it was handled as brilliantly as Capcom handled the Resident Evil 2 remake, absolutely. Not that Vice City's a horrible looking game anyway (Easily the best of the 3D era), but it would be interesting with some more modern visuals and the Euphoria physics.

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El Penguin Bobo

Not a remake, but another GTA game in Vice City.

Image result for gta signature

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I think they just need remake some missions like The Job mission I always  expect some actions when it comes to the heist like in IV and V - Rockstar did a good job on improving heist missions from Vice to V  .  I enjoy the atmosphere of the game the weather , the 80's theme  since it always give me a good vibe and even I am not fan of Vice city , i have to say Vice city environment is better than SA .

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no i wouldn't i'd rather experience something fresh, new and interesting rather than seeing the same idea being rehashed.

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Evil empire

Yes but it should remain close to the original unlike that heap of $hit they call Tomb Raider anniversary.

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Guest Billy Russo



I'd rather get a new GTA set in Vice City with new characters.


I really love this game, but the original honestly still looks good for it's age and I don't think it needs the remake treatment.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I think GTA VI should have a mission or two in all of the prior settings.....like in GTA V, when you fly to North Yankton?  The next one should allow you to fly to every city in prior titles.

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If Rockstar wanted to make HD remakes for the 3D era games, in the time between major GTA releases, id be ok with that

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